MileSplit Scholastic Showcase at Spire - Boys 800m Record Breaking News

           Cameron Cooper amazed those in attendance at Spire with his incredible 800m run. 

One of the most exciting moments of the MileSplit Scholastic Showcase at Spire meet was the dynamic 800m run that was demonstrated by Oak Park's Cameron Cooper.

Michigan's Cooper immediately opened up a large gap on an extremely talented field of 800m specialists on route to his stellar winning time of 1:50.07.  

           Cameron Cooper took the 800m race win and several records along with it in the process. 

Cooper's result was well over 4 seconds ahead of the 2nd place finisher and his remarkable effort is a Michigan #1, a Spire facility record, a U.S. #1 and a U.S. All-Time #3! Now the question is can Cooper overtake the All-Time #1 mark of 1:49.21 which was set in 2009 by New Jersey's Robby Andrews? Congratulations Cameron Cooper!