Getting to Know: Shakorie Davis

           Shakorie Davis of Cleveland Heights High School specializes in the sprint distances. 

Shakorie Davis is a sprinter from Cleveland Heights High School and he recently placed 7th in the 200m race at the D1 OATCCC Indoor State Championship in Akron with an impressive time of 22.57. MileSplit Ohio had the opportunity to catch up with Shakorie to review his indoor season and to learn about what he's looking forward to during the outdoor campaign.    

MileSplit Ohio: Describe your indoor season.  Did your results live up to your expectations going in? What are you most proud of from what you accomplished and was there anything that you felt could have gone better?

Shakorie: I was reasonably happy with my indoor season, but I didn't fully live up to the expectations that I had for myself going in.  My main goal was to finish in the top 5 in the 200m at the D1 OATCCC Indoor State Championship, but I ended up coming in 7th place.  Despite setting an indoor P.R. in the 200m with my time of 22.57, I still feel like I under performed at the state championship.  

MileSplit Ohio: What events will you be focusing on during the outdoor season?  What goals do you hope to accomplish over the next few months?

Shakorie: For the outdoor season, I'll be focusing on the 200m and the 4 x 100m relay.  I'm aiming to stay healthy over the next few months to ensure that I can perform to the best of my ability and I will be looking to increase my speed based training.  

           Shakorie Davis is focused on improving his 200m and 4 x 100m relay times. 

MileSplit Ohio: Describe what your typical week of training resembles and who are your key training partners?  

Shakorie: My typical week of training consists of speed training, weight lifting, block start work and endurance running.  My key work out partners are JaKeith James and Rahmon Davis.  I value them because they push me hard in practice and they motivate me to be a better sprinter.  

           Shakorie Davis (shown left) credits his teammates for helping him to achieve his success.

MileSplit Ohio: Who has helped you to reach the level that you've attained to this point in your track career?

Shakorie: I am extremely grateful to all of my coaches: Coach Gay, Coach Newton, Coach Biggom and Coach Sanders.  They work very hard with planning my training and they make sure that I get the most out of my ability on race day. 

MileSplit Ohio: What are your long term goals relating to track?

Shakorie: My long term goals are to earn an NCAA track scholarship and to compete at the Olympics.