Cleveland school board votes to cut Spring Sports (Track and Field), preschool among other cuts


Board members say they have no choice but to make the cuts because of a decrease in state aid and because of rehiring nearly 300 teachers the district had laid off in the spring.

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After a 7 to 1 approval vote by the school board, the cuts will be rendered in three phases.

Phase I begins immediately and includes:

• $2,450,937 reduction in textbook money

$1,691,383 reduction in central office staff

$675,000 reduction to affect all department budgets

$500,000 reduction in maintenance costs (only emergency repairs will be made to buildings)

$72,333 reduction in school supplies costs by using a single vendor.

Phase II begins Nov. 1 and includes:

 $262,000 reduction in cafeteria meal choices

$418,768 reduction in money allotted school clubs and activities

$313,439 reduction in classroom cleaning (rooms will be cleaned every other day, instead of every day)

$888,125 reduction in school security costs

Phase III takes effect Jan. 1, 2012 and includes:

$727,000 reduction in school principals and assistant principals

$1,550,013 elimination of high school busing

$568,260 elimination of spring sports (except baseball and softball, which are privately funded)

$741,000 elimination of the preschool program

$2,447,000 elimination of summer school program

Parents, members of the Cleveland Teachers' Union and even students sounded off about the proposed cuts. 

They voiced the most opposition to cutting the preschool program, school security, busing and spring sports.

The cuts will only get the district through the current school year.

CEO Eric Gordon says they'll continue to work to find ways to save these programs, while looking for other sources of revenue for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to offset anticipated losses in the future.

Next year, Cleveland schools will have to address a deficit that is forecast to be even greater.


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