Chillicothe Junior, Megan Osborne, One of Ohio's Premier Sprinters

Megan Osborne  2013  Chillicothe

Personal Best

  • 55 Meter Dash  7.33
  • 60 Meter Dash  7.73
  • 100 Meter Dash  11.96
  • 200 Meter Dash  24.22
  • 400 Meter Dash  56.00
  • 800 Meter Run  2:37.20


OHRunners:    Megan, as a Junior, you are currently ranked 2nd in the State in the 200 with a time of 24.22w, 2nd in the State in the 100 with an 11.96 and 8th in the 400 with a 56.52.  In the recent indoor season, you were 2nd in the OATCCC 60m with a time of 7.75 and 2nd in the 400m with a time of 56.60.  In 2011, your sophomore year, you were 6th in the State D1 100m in 12.33 and 3rd in the 200 in 24.70.  You did not qualify for the finals in the 400.  As a Freshman in 2010, you qualified for three events.  You were 10th in the 100 in 12.43, 15th in the 200 in 26.91 and 6th in the 400 in 57.12.  As you look back, what is the difference between your expectations and goals as a Freshman and Sophomore and now as Junior. 

Megan:  My expectations and goals for my freshman and sophomore years were very different from what they are now. As an under classman, I was just looking forward to the experience and crossing my fingers that I even made it to finals.  Now, based on my previous experiences, I have new expectations for myself.  I know what I am capable of and know that if I perform to the best of my abilities I can make it on the podium three times, like I did at the indoor championships.

OHRunners:  What do you attribute your successes thus far this year too in comparison to your Freshman and Sophomore years?

Megan:  I attribute my successes so far this year to my head start on training.  In previous years, I didn’t start my training until December. This season, I started my training in the beginning of November with an early focus on lifting. 

OHRunners:  Was there a particular reason that you made the decision to start your training earlier this year?  What type of lifting were you doing?

Megan:  I started training earlier just to get a head start on the season. I knew that I had some pretty big meets scheduled early on such as the one in Kentucky and the New Balance Nationals and wanted to be ready to run. In regards to lifting, I was doing power lifts and core. The power lifts included power cleans, dead lifts and hang clean snatches.

OHRunners:  You have chosen the three speed events and to triple in most competitions.  Which of the three is your favorite event?  Why? 

Megan:   I would have to say that my favorite race is the 200. Although I love the passion and strength it takes to run a 400. I think that I am the most successful in the 200. 

OHRunners:  Why do you like running the 200?  Describe a 200 for us?

Megan:  I enjoy running the 200 because it is a combination of both speed and endurance. In my 200 I come out as strong as possible, lean on the curve and bring it in on the last 100, trying to hold my speed through the finish.

OHRunners:   How would you describe yourself as a competitor in the 100, 200 and the 400?  Is your mental preparation the same for each?  Do you visualize your races? 

Megan:  I compete completely different in each event. In the 100 and 200, I try and stay calm and relaxed. In the 400, I use my nerves and emotions in my favor. My mental preparation is about the same for each race. I visualize my start and the different phases of each race. 

OHRunners:  What is your focus in the 100 and 200 and how do you stay calm and relaxed?  What are your thoughts in preparing for a 400?  

Megan:  My main focus for the 100 and 200 is the start and holding my speed clear through the finish. I stay calm by not focusing on the level of competition but on my personal performance. For the 400, I try my best to run my own race and not base my first 200 split on the other competitors. 

OHRunners:  As we get ready for Districts, I would like to ask you how you view each of the races.  A quick synopsis shows that in the 100m, only yourself and Destinee Gause, the defending 100m champion, have run under 12.00.  Destinee has run 11.59 and you have run 11.96 so far this year.  You have 2nd fastest time in the 200 with a 24.22w and Destinee, again is just ahead of you with a 24.05.  In the 400, you are ranked 8th in a time of 56.52.  Karrington Winters of New Albany leads the State D1 rankings with 55.56.  One has to assume that, Brianna Neitzel of Brunswick will return to defend her 400 title from last year where she ran 54.70. What are your expectations in each of these events? 

Megan:  In each one of these events my main expectation is to PR. I plan on going into Districts and competing in all three events. Placing in each at the state tournament would be ideal for me. As far as focusing on a specific event, my coach and I are still in debate. I view each of the races as a different challenge that I hope to overcome and come out successful in.

OHRunners:  Thank you for your time Megan.  We will look forward to watching you run and to seeing you up on the podium at State.