Tiffin Cross Country Carnival

September 12, 2009 @ Hedges Boyer Park in Tiffin, OH

Hosted by Columbian     Timing/Results: FinishTiming    

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Additional Information

**Note** If you are planning on entering a Middle School/Junior High team into this meet and you can not find the team to claim on OHRunners (or another MileSplit state site if you are not from Ohio) please contact OHRunners webmaster, Jim Findlay, at jimfindlay1@gmail.com so that I can set up your Middle School/Junior High team.

8:30 am Girls Div II/III Open
9:05 am Girls Div II-B Varsity
9:35 am Girls Div III Varsity
10:05 am Boys Div III-B
10:35 am Girls Div II-A Varsity
11:00 am Boys Div III-A Varsity
11:25 am Boys Div III Open
11:55 am Boys Div II Open
12:20 pm Boys Div II Varsity
12:45 pm Boys JH Div III Varsity
1:05 pm Boys JH Div I/II Varsity
1:25 pm Girls JH Div III Varsity
1:50 pm Girls JH Div I/II Varsity
2:15 pm Boys JH Open
2:40 pm Girls JH Open
3:05 pm Girls Div I-B Varsity
3:35 pm Boys Div I-B Varsity
4:00 pm Girls Div I-A Varsity
4:30 pm Boys Div I-A Varsity
4:55 pm Girls Div I Open
5:25 pm Boys Div I Open
5:55 pm Girls Elementary
6:10 pm Boys Elementary