Midwest Meet of Champions- A Dedication to Coach John Hammond!

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This year's Midwest Meet of Champions could produce some fast times.  The Championship races have been renamed to honor John Hammond.   Hammond was a star distance runner and captain at Ohio State. He coached at Wapakoneta and Whitehall before coming to Hilliard in 1979. He eventually became Darby's first track and cross-country coach. After retiring in 2004, Hammond served several years as a volunteer coach at Ohio State. He was instrumental in convincing OSU officials to erect a statue of Jesse Owens outside the track stadium that bears his name. Coach Hammond passed  On Sept. 9 of this year from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. 

In the Boy's Race of Champions, the meet record of 15:01 was set in 2010 by Zach Wills of Mason. Jordan ran 15:07 last year.   It's a fast course and four boy's have run under 15:20 this season.  Two under 15:15. Sr. Hunter Moore of Olentangy Orange has the fastest time of 15:13 and is ranked OH #4, Solon Sr. Joe Riordan has run 15:14.30 and is OH #6, Sr. Andre Bolloam-Godbott is ranked OH #7 with a 15:16.08 and Jr. Matt Scrape of Pickerington Central is OH #9 with 15:18.61. Sr. Two others are ranked Ohio Top 10: Matt Bull of Mentor is OH #10 with a 15:22.31 and Sr. C.j. Ambosio  of St. Ignatius is #11 with a 15:24.69.  It should be a fast race, but to get Will's record they will have to be through the 2-mile in 9:40.  The horses are in the race to push each other to this pace, but I'm not sure they can finish it.  No one has been under 15:00 this year.  It should be a great race however.

John Hammond ROC Boys Individual Virtual Meet

1Hunter Moore2017Olentangy Orange15:13.00 1
2Joe Riordan2017Solon15:14.30 2
3Andre Bollam-godbott2017Brunswick15:16.08 3
4Matt Scrape2018Pickerington Central15:18.61 4
5Matt Bull2017Mentor15:22.31 5
6C.j. Ambosio2017St. Ignatius15:24.69 6
7Zach Kreft2018Buckeye Valley15:36.21 7
8Lucas Bons2018Dublin Coffman15:41.70 8
9Chantz Visse2018Solon15:49.20 9
10Daniel White2017Watkins Memorial15:50.30 10
11Logan Esper2019Solon15:57.70 11
12Jack Jaynes2017Pickerington Central15:58.22 12
13Luke Brown2018Sheridan16:00.70 13
14Danny Cohen2017Solon16:02.10 14
15Kyle Johnston2019Lexington16:02.90 15
16Zach Whipple2017Lancaster16:05.20 16
17Mark Shannon2018Solon16:05.40 17
18Ryan Johnston2018Lexington16:07.10 18
19Sam Michael2017Firestone16:13.20 19
20Brady Johnson2019Pickerington Central16:15.48 20

Solon should dominate the Boy's Team race.  the virtual meet shows them winning by over 86 points.  It's XC and anything can happen, but Solon is the #1 ranked team in Ohio by time and in the Coaches Poll and is one of the best in the nation.  Four other Top 10 Coaches Poll ranked teams will battle for the #2 and 3 spots; Olentangy Orange is #4, St. Ignatius, #5, Pickerington Central is #8 and Hilliard Bradley #9.  Lexington cannot be overlooked and in the virtual meet they are 4th.

John Hammond ROC Boy's Virtual Team 

1Solon532+9+11+14+17 (30+31)51.1015:49.74
2Olentangy Orange139.51+24+29+34.5+51 (59+104)1:34.2016:15.36
3St. Ignatius1416+25+32+36+42 (58+70)1:16.1116:17.14
4Hilliard Bradley17123+26+27+43+52 (69+103)29.1016:30.00
5Lexington196.515+18+34.5+62+67 (164+176)54.9016:30.86
6Pickerington Central1994+12+20+61+102 (122+125)2:03.1116:21.46
7Elder22640+41+47+48+50 (54+71.5)8.6016:43.42
8Lancaster27016+53+56+68+77 (79+93)1:01.0016:45.24
9Dublin Coffman2938+33+64+74+114 (138+183)1:50.6016:44.62
10Dublin Jerome29721+22+75+86+93 (101+118)1:00.7016:49.36

The Girl's Race of Champions features 2 of the Top 10 ranked girls in the State, as well as #11, So. Olivia Howell of Solon.  Jr. Annie Zimmer of Chagrin Falls comes into the race with an OH #7 ranking, having run 18:07.63 this season.  So. Felicia Pasadyn has run 18:10.82 and is ranked OH #8.  Expect these three to push each other and the winner just may go under 18:00.  The course record of 17:35.08,set last year by Lexington's Dominique Clairmonte, should not be in jeopardy.   

John Hammond ROC Girl's Individual Virtual Meet

1Annie Zimmer2018Chagrin Falls18:07.63 1
2Felicia Pasadyn2019Brunswick18:10.82 2
3Olivia Howell2019Solon18:12.70 3
4Kyleigh Edwards2017Fairfield Christian Academy18:25.50 4
5Allison Guagenti2019Olentangy Orange18:39.10 5
6Michelle Hostettler2017West Holmes18:45.50 6
7Lindsey Coffin2018Springboro18:47.10 7
8Andrea Kuhn2019Watkins Memorial18:47.40 8
9Mackenna Curtis-Collins2017Lexington18:49.60 9
10Rebecca Craddock2017Brunswick18:56.51 10
11Catherine Coffey2019Chagrin Falls19:13.40 11
12Jules Frombach2019Avon19:13.58 12
13Zoe Chappelle2020Springboro19:13.90 13
14Lauren Peterson2017Berea-Midpark High School19:16.60 14
15Alyssa Wolf2019Brunswick19:17.11 15
16Emily Bardwell2020Brunswick19:17.31 16
17Anna Foster2018Sheridan19:18.00 17
18Lindsay Ott2019Olentangy Orange19:31.20 18
19Elise Johnson2019Lancaster19:31.30 19
20Claire Robertson2017Avon19:32.40 20

The girl's race features two top 15 Coaches Poll teams: Avon is ranked #11 and Brunswick is ranked #13.  The virtual meet however has Chagrin Falls winning with 104.5 points and Brunswick and Avon getting the #2 and 3 spots.  That being said, the girl's team race should be up for grabs and the 1st of October,, with only two subsequent weekends before Districts, is a good time to make a statement.  

John Hammond ROC Girl's Virtual Team
1Chagrin Falls104.51+11+25+31.5+36 (43+58)1:46.1719:21.53
2Brunswick1352+10+15+16+92 (97.5+106)2:47.7619:20.07
3Avon15712+20+34+45+46 (85+86)52.0919:45.23
4Springboro1617+13+29+44+68 (80+94)1:37.6019:39.26
5Watkins Memorial1978+28+39+40+82 (112.5+141)1:51.4019:50.14
6Lexington1989+23+33+38+95 (103+104.5)2:10.4019:50.92
7Olentangy Orange237.55+18+31.5+60+123 (138+144)3:02.8020:00.02
8Berea-Midpark High School25414+47+48+70+75 (87+126)1:16.4020:05.48
9Mentor25622+49+57+61+67 (74+77)47.8620:08.25
10Upper Arlington28027+30+66+69+88 (89+102)1:00.4420:14.47