Getting to Know: Abbey Rojeck

           Abbey Rojeck of Lake Catholic High School enjoys competing in team relay races.


Abbey Rojeck is a senior at Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, Ohio who specializes in the 1600m and 3200m events.  Rojeck, who will compete for Cleveland State University next year, recently spoke with MileSplit Ohio about her indoor season and what goals she hopes to accomplish in the future with respect to her track career.  

MileSplit Ohio: Describe your indoor season.  Did your results live up to your expectations going in? What are you most proud of from what you accomplished and was there anything that you felt could have gone better?  

Abbey: My indoor seasons have always been very relaxed, as I mainly focus on increasing my endurance, improving my strength and ensuring that I keep myself injury free.  I actually surprised myself this past indoor season by re-breaking the Lake Catholic High School record in the 3200m distance. That was definitely the highlight of my indoor season.  I often reflect back and find instances in my races where I could have done better, however I truly feel that I raced to my full potential during each moment. 

MileSplit Ohio: What events will you be focusing on during the outdoor season?  Talk about what goals you have in place that you hope to accomplish.

Abbey: I will be focusing on beating my personal record in the 1600m and the 3200m distances.  I really want to P.R., but my primary goal is to maintain a healthy body and ensure that I don't have any injuries.  I have been battling an ongoing stress fracture since my sophomore year, so my main priority is my health.  Being able to make progress even when I am injured gives me confidence in my athletic ability. 

MileSplit Ohio: Discuss what your typical week of training resembles.  Do you have a favorite work out that you rely on leading up to an important race?  

Abbey: My typical week of training consists of one long run to start the week, two speed workouts and complementary runs to build up my mileage.  My favorite workout is 400m repeats.  All of my workouts, in one way or another, make me stronger for the meets that are upcoming but 400m repeats always make me feel powerful and they give me a boost of confidence heading into my races.  

           Abbey Rojeck is hoping for an injury free outdoor season and some new P.R.'s.  

MileSplit Ohio: Who has helped you to reach the level that you've attained to this point in your track career?

Abbey: I remember, when I was ten years old, watching my aunt run up and down the street for miles and miles.  It looked so fun to me, so I joined her even though I only had my Sperry's to run in.  She inspired me and she helped me to begin my running career.  My coaches Barb and Matt Borcas have helped me to continue my passion for running throughout high school and my amazing parents support me in everything that I do.  

MileSplit Ohio: What are your long term goals related to track?  

Abbey: I want to pursue faster P.R.'s as I continue to run, however my most important goal is to stay happy throughout my running career.  I want to do well and I will always try my best, but even if I don't perform to my expectations, I want to be able to have a smile on my face and maintain a happy mindset.  In my opinion, happiness is the most important thing in life.