New Balance Nationals Outdoor - Ohio Entries

           Erik Fertig will compete in the hammer throw and discus events.  

One of the premier meets on the track and field calendar is just a few days away!  New Balance Nationals Outdoor is set to take place from June 15th to 17th at North Carolina A&T University  and the state of Ohio will be well represented in Greensboro. 

Continue reading about Ohio's individual and team relay entries.  

Complete Entries  

Ohio Entries: 

Spears, DonavinBoys 100m Dash Freshmannew lexingtonOH
Beaird, DylanBoys Hammer ChampionshipHuber HeightsOH
Stevens, RyanBoys Pole Vault EEnewcomerstownOH
Szalay, GabeBoys 1 Mile ChampionshipWadsworthOH
Justus, AlexBoys 1 Mile FreshmanMainevilleOH
Cook, ElliottBoys 1 Mile Run EEPowellOH
Manley, EvanBoys 1 Mile Run EEHudsonOH
Moore, NathanBoys 1 Mile Run EEUniontownOH
Saul, NicholasBoys 1 Mile Run EEClevelandOH
Ford, ChristianBoys 100m Dash EELimaOH
Willis, AmirBoys 100m Dash EECincinnatiOH
Bandy, TyreseBoys 100m Dash FreshmanYoungstownOH
Hannah, TylerBoys 110m Hurdle ChampionshipLakewoodOH
Spitzer, JoeBoys 2 Mile Run EEversaillesOH
Willis, AmirBoys 200m ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Ford, ChristianBoys 200m Dash EELimaOH
Pinnock, ShemarBoys 200m Dash EECincinnatiOH
Verhoff, JoshuaBoys 200m Dash EECloverdaleOH
Glaze, SeanBoys 3000m Race Walk ChampionshipSpringfieldOH
Janson, SamBoys 400m Dash ChampionshipDaytonOH
Willis, AmirBoys 400m Dash ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Bryan, AlexBoys 400m Dash EEGenevaOH
Headings, JaseBoys 400m Dash EELondonOH
Justus, AlexBoys 400m Dash EEMainevilleOH
Bandy, TyreseBoys 400m Dash FreshmanYoungstownOH
Manfroy, NickBoys 400m Dash FreshmanMasonOH
Hannah, TylerBoys 400m Hurdle EELakewoodOH
Brown, LukeBoys 5000m ChampionshipThornvilleOH
Copploe, GiovanniBoys 5000m ChampionshipCanfieldOH
Duvall, MattBoys 5000m ChampionshipPickeringtonOH
Mauri, VincentBoys 5000m ChampionshipWarrenOH
Miller, NickBoys 800m ChampionshipWadsworthOH
Soto, YarielBoys Decathlon ChampionshipCentervilleOH
Landis, NolanBoys Discus ChampionshipMadisonOH
Shoaf, MichaelBoys Discus ChampionshipRocky RiverOH
Smith, RyanBoys Discus ChampionshipLovelandOH
White, AndrewBoys Discus ChampionshipCantonOH
Clay, AustinBoys Discus EEVan WertOH
Fertig, ErikBoys Discus EEPembervilleOH
Mosher, BrandonBoys Discus EEWestervilleOH
Arbaugh, TylerBoys Hammer ChampionshipFindlayOH
Fertig, ErikBoys Hammer ChampionshipPembervilleOH
Hargrove, GregBoys Hammer ChampionshipCentervilleOH
Shoaf, MichaelBoys Hammer ChampionshipRocky RiverOH
Clay, AustinBoys Hammer EEVan WertOH
Cross, Kaleb-AliBoys Hammer EECentervilleOH
Ghaben, ZaidBoys Hammer EECentervilleOH
Hargrove, GregBoys Hammer EECentervilleOH
Kusky, BlakeBoys Hammer EEYoungstownOH
Prete, JaretBoys Hammer EEAmherstOH
Smith, RyanBoys Hammer EELovelandOH
Smith, RyanBoys Javelin EELovelandOH
Vinson-Sharp, DaitonBoys Long Jump ChampionshipDaytonOH
Acheampong, JaeschelBoys Long Jump EELewis CenterOH
Jasin, CollinBoys Pole Vault ChampionshipDaytonOH
Brokschmidt, BlaineBoys Pole Vault EEJr TroyOH
Myers, TristanBoys Pole Vault EELoganOH
Sommers, JakeBoys Pole Vault EENorwalkOH
Wasson, TylerBoys Pole Vault EEBeavercreekOH
Bolanos-Cruz, LuisBoys Shot Put ChampionshipgallowayOH
Landis, NolanBoys Shot Put ChampionshipMadisonOH
Mastruserio, LukeBoys Shot Put ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Mosher, BrandonBoys Shot Put ChampionshipWestervilleOH
Shoaf, MichaelBoys Shot Put ChampionshipRocky RiverOH
Smith, RyanBoys Shot Put ChampionshipLovelandOH
Clay, AustinBoys Shot Put EEVan WertOH
Vinson-Sharp, DaitonBoys Triple Jump ChampionshipDaytonOH
Acheampong, JaeschelBoys Triple Jump EELewis CenterOH
Bauer, AlexandriaGirls 1 Mile FreshmanMogadoreOH
Beucler, BrennaGirls 1 Mile FreshmanHudsonOH
Bucher, EmmaGirls 1 Mile FreshmanCentervilleOH
Hartman, GraceGirls 1 Mile MSOakwoodOH
Bockrath, PerriGirls 1 Mile Run EECentervilleOH
Fry, McKennaGirls 1 Mile Run EEWestervilleOH
Gilson, EllaGirls 1 Mile Run EEMedinaOH
Kilroy, GraceGirls 1 Mile Run EECentervilleOH
Clark, SerenaGirls 100m ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Henderson, SuerethiaGirls 100m ChampionshipLimaOH
Bussey, NyaGirls 100m Dash EETwinsburgOH
Floriea, PaigeGirls 100m Dash EEConcordOH
Allen, JasmynGirls 100m Hurdle ChampionshipSouth EuclidOH
Johnson, MonicaGirls 100m Hurdle ChampionshipFairfieldOH
Smith, J'AlyieaGirls 100m Hurdle ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Hodgkin, ZariahGirls 100m Hurdle EECincinnatiOH
Bockrath, PerriGirls 2 Mile ChampionshipCentervilleOH
Bush, SamanthaGirls 2 Mile ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Seas, JennyGirls 2 Mile Run EEPeeblesOH
Ewert, TaylorGirls 2000m Steeplechase ChampionshipBeavercreekOH
Clark, SerenaGirls 200m ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Henderson, SuerethiaGirls 200m ChampionshipLimaOH
Bussey, NyaGirls 200m Dash EETwinsburgOH
Robinson, NiaGirls 400m ChampionshipTwinsburgOH
Gaiters, JazzlynnGirls 400m Dash EEWorthingtonOH
Angerman, IsabelleGirls 400m Hurdle ChampionshipDublinOH
Frye, GraceGirls 400m Hurdle EEGalenaOH
Thomas, SamanthaGirls 400m Hurdle EEWestlakeOH
Wilms, TaylorGirls 400m Hurdle EEGenevaOH
Akin, EmilyGirls 800m ChampionshipSolonOH
Deas, ShynaeGirls 800m ChampionshipGahannaOH
Martinez, MadisonGirls 800m ChampionshipGahannaOH
Napoleon, GianniGirls 800m ChampionshipworthingtonOH
Kapral, SydneyGirls 800m Dash EEWestervilleOH
Napoleon, CarinaGirls 800m Dash EEWorthingtonOH
Bentley, AliviaGirls Discus ChampionshipMinervaOH
Black, KayliaGirls Discus ChampionshipSanduskyOH
Marx, CaitlynGirls Discus ChampionshipSalemOH
Clay, KirstenGirls Discus EEvan wertOH
Frye, GraceGirls Discus EEGalenaOH
Roush, ElizabethGirls Discus EECentervilleOH
Demoss, TaylorGirls Hammer EEWaynesvilleOH
Roush, ElizabethGirls Hammer EECentervilleOH
Frye, GraceGirls Heptathlon ChampionshipGalenaOH
Daugherty, EmmaGirls High Jump ChampionshipWatervilleOH
Smith, J'AlyieaGirls High Jump ChampionshipCincinnatiOH
Cahill, ChloeGirls Javelin EEWestlakeOH
Floriea, PaigeGirls Long Jump ChampionshipConcordOH
Eby, AlexGirls Pole Vault ChampionshipOrrvilleOH
Majoy, MacieGirls Pole Vault ChampionshipHuronOH
Marrison, DeidraGirls Pole Vault ChampionshipAustinburgOH
Stimmel, KassidieGirls Pole Vault ChampionshipBay viewOH
Szerencsits, SiobhanGirls Pole Vault ChampionshipLewis CenterOH
Yang, EileenGirls Pole Vault ChampionshipBeavercreekOH
Bogard, ErinGirls Pole Vault EEVincentOH
England, MorganGirls Pole Vault EEBloomvilleOH
Moses, AnneMarieGirls Pole Vault EEFremontOH
Zatta, LindsayGirls Pole Vault EESr AthensOH
Bentley, AliviaGirls Shot Put ChampionshipMinervaOH
Black, KayliaGirls Shot Put ChampionshipSanduskyOH
Christian, LaurenGirls Shot Put ChampionshipCovingtonOH

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