Ohio's Entries For The VA Showcase

(MileSplit caught up with Juliann Williams following her 1600m win at the Tiffin Meet #1)

See below a breakdown of all the Ohioans who are making the trip to Lynchburg this weekend to compete at one of the country's premier meets, the VA Showcase

NameSchoolStateSeed TimeEvent
Ewert, TaylorBeavercreekOH10:22.4Girls 2 Mile Run Invitational
Ewert, TaylorBeavercreekOH14:24.0Girls 3000m Race Walk
Altman, JackHilliard DavidsonOH09:48.2Boys 3200m Run
Buckley, ColinHilliard DavidsonOH 10:18.00 Boys 3200m Run
Conley, JayceHilliard DavidsonOH 12:50.00 Girls 3200m Run
Conley, JayceHilliard DavidsonOH05:45.0Girls 1600m Run
Gallo, XavierHilliard DavidsonOH09:59.4Boys 3200m Run
Gilbert, NateHilliard DavidsonOH 10:10.47 Boys 3200m Run
Hoersten, AvaHilliard DavidsonOH 12:40.00 Girls 3200m Run
Hoersten, AvaHilliard DavidsonOH05:45.0Girls 1600m Run
Hoersten, SophiaHilliard DavidsonOH 11:30.00 Girls 2 Mile Run AAU
Hoersten, SophiaHilliard DavidsonOH05:20.0Girls 1 Mile AAU
Hudson, AlexHilliard DavidsonOH 10:02.00 Boys 3200m Run
Hudson, AlexHilliard DavidsonOH04:40.0Boys 1600m Run
Johanssen, ConnerHilliard DavidsonOH09:20.4Boys 2 Mile Run
LeClair, MaxHilliard DavidsonOH09:24.8Boys 2 Mile Run
Lewis, SophieHilliard DavidsonOH02:54.0Girls 1000m Invitational
Lewis, SophieHilliard DavidsonOH05:05.0Girls 1 Mile AAU
Manken, BellaHilliard DavidsonOH 12:20.00 Girls 3200m Run
Manken, BellaHilliard DavidsonOH05:30.0Girls 1600m Run
Mason, AlyssaHilliard DavidsonOH 12:30.00 Girls 3200m Run
Mason, AlyssaHilliard DavidsonOH05:30.0Girls 1600m Run
Messer, MitchellHilliard DavidsonOH09:56.0Boys 3200m Run
Messer, MitchellHilliard DavidsonOH04:28.5Boys 1 Mile Invitational
Montgomery, MitchellHilliard DavidsonOH09:57.3Boys 3200m Run
RelayHilliard DavidsonOH17:50.0Boys 4x1Mile Relay
Ries, RileyHilliard DavidsonOH 12:20.00 Girls 3200m Run
Ries, RileyHilliard DavidsonOH05:30.0Girls 1600m Run
Sauvey, NickHilliard DavidsonOH09:49.6Boys 3200m Run
Spencer, HaleighHilliard DavidsonOH 13:00.00 Girls 3200m Run
Spencer, HaleighHilliard DavidsonOH05:45.0Girls 1600m Run
Steitz, JohnHilliard DavidsonOH 10:16.78 Boys 3200m Run
Stroh, BrianHilliard DavidsonOH 10:20.39 Boys 3200m Run
Stull, LindsayHilliard DavidsonOH02:54.0Girls 1000m Invitational
Stull, LindsayHilliard DavidsonOH05:05.0Girls 1 Mile AAU
Takahashi, KoharuHilliard DavidsonOH 12:45.00 Girls 3200m Run
Takahashi, KoharuHilliard DavidsonOH05:45.0Girls 1600m Run
Tighe, EllieHilliard DavidsonOH 11:00.00 Girls 2 Mile Run AAU
Tighe, EllieHilliard DavidsonOH05:09.0Girls 1 Mile AAU
Heath, KaylynLakota EastOH6.97Girls 55m Dash Prelims
Heath, KaylynLakota EastOH25.53Girls 200m Dash
Heath, RodneyLakota EastOH6.55Boys 55m Dash Prelims
Heath, RodneyLakota EastOH23.37Boys 200m Dash
Shoaf, MichaelRocky RiverOH62-02.50 Boys Shot Put Invitational
Mitchem, JaceShawnee SpringfieldOH 12-00.00 Girls Pole Vault Invitational
Ewert, TaylorUnattachedOH 10:40.00 Girls 2 Mile Run AAU
Roark, SavannahUnattachedOH05:02.0Girls 1 Mile AAU
Williams, JuliannUnattachedOH05:03.0Girls 1 Mile AAU

A shout-out goes to MileSplit North Carolina editor, Jason Creasy for compiling all of the state specific entries. 

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