The Versatile Jaeschel Acheampong Commits To Harvard

One of the state's (and perhaps even the nation's) most versatile athletes, Jaeschel Acheampong will be Cambridge, Massachusetts bound next year to represent Harvard University

Acheampong should bolster the Crimson's efforts in myriad events starting in the 2021 campaign. The Olentangy Orange product has excelled at the 60, 200, 400, long jump and triple jump during his high school tenure and that's just referencing indoor-based action. Outdoors, minus the 60, he lines-up in all of the other aforementioned events plus the 100m dash, not to mention a variety of relay-based competitions. 

The 2019 OHSAA Division 1 long jump titlist has been a fixture at state championship meets over the years and he's also a New Balance Nationals veteran. Personal best efforts of 10.78 (100), 21.93 (200), 49.32 (400), 24-5 (long jump) and 47-10.75 (triple jump) help to anchor what is a distinguished track and field resume.   

MileSplit tracked down Jaeschel for more insight on his big decision. 

Why was Harvard the right choice for you? 

"When it came to the total package of academics, my future and athletics, Harvard felt like the best place. Obviously, they have academic notoriety but in the track scene, they're solid too. They have had a couple of national champions and podium finishers there that have made it work, so why not me, as well? And plus, when I visited there it was clear that the athletes cared as much about track as they did about school and that's what sold me." 

What are you hoping to accomplish at the college level? 

"Obviously I want to win a national championship. God willing I'll go to the Olympics in 2024, but I also want to build relationships that'll help me on and off the track." 

Looking back at your time with Olentangy Orange, what are some of your career highlights to this point? 

"Winning the state meet was one of the best moments, but also the year before that being able to run with my older brother Kevin Acheampong and have him guide me and help me to grow as an athlete." 

Who's helped you reach the point where you're on the verge of becoming a NCAA Division 1 athlete? 

"Definitely God number one. Also, Coach Swisher and Coach Walters, as they understand that it's better to work smarter rather than harder in order to create the results that we want. I'd also like to acknowledge my lifting coach, Coach McKendrick who's helped me gain muscle and learn how to control my body properly. He's allowed me to create force and power. Finally, my parents who kept school as a major focus throughout my life." 

What unfinished business is there still for you at the high school level? What can we expect from you during indoor and outdoor in 2020? 

"Having already taken podium finishes as an individual, my main goal now is to help my team improve. God-willing, we will win the indoor state meet as a team and then outdoor state's, as well."

What are you planning on studying at Harvard? Give us a sense of some of your academic goals. 

"I'm not entirely sure, but at this point my interests are bio-mechanics, human movement, business and entrepreneurship. Eventually I'd like to build something from the ground up and work for myself."  

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