What They Think: Megan Massmann Reflects On Uncertain Season

(Megan Massmann runs XC, as well as mid-distance, distance and relay events for the Lions

Over the last number of days, the team from MileSplit USA were busy rounding up first-person accounts from athletes throughout the country about their feelings relating to the uncertain state of the 2020 outdoor track and field season. 

One of the submissions that came in was from Ohio's own, Megan Massmann. The junior from Gahanna Lincoln outlined her renewed appreciation for the sport, as well as some important life lessons that can be taken from the difficult circumstances that we're all facing. 

Review Massmann's wise words below and make sure to check out the full article, as well. 

Megan Massmann / Gahanna Lincoln 

In Ohio, winter and spring sports have been suspended until April 6. We have entered a no contact period from coaches, and we are social distancing from teammates, gyms are closed, and our district's tracks are off limits. We are completely alone, yet united together with the thousands of other athletes in our shoes.

With the cancellations and postponements of track meets and track seasons, I have learned how much I need to appreciate what I have, before it is taken away.

Just like fighting through that last hard workout rep, or the last 200m of a race, we need to grit our teeth, welcome the pain, and never give up. I have my moments of weakness, fear, and sadness but if we can valiantly fight through this challenge, we can come out on the other end stronger and be more appreciative of what we have.

We often do not get the luxury of knowing the last time we will do something, and I mourn with the seniors who are watching their seasons slip through their hands. But I can also learn from their unfortunate circumstances and not only race and train with no regrets, but live without regrets, either.

In this hard time, where we do not know what is to come and nothing is certain, I do know one thing: Patience and integrity are key.