Buckeye State Breakdown: Talking All-Time Best Performances

MileSplit Illinois editor, Tony Jones joined us to help set the table for a new article series that's going to launch on the Ohio site, 'The Best Performance I Ever Saw.'

Tune-in to the conversation above, where we discuss some Illinois and Ohio greats, like Marcellus Moore, Katelynne Hart, Josh MethnerTed Ginn Jr., Chris Nelloms, Taylor Ewert, Abby SteinerJessica Beard, Justin Braun, and the collective effort from the 2019 Pickerington Central Tigers state meet winning boys team, plus many more. 


We're seeking submissions from coaches throughout the state regarding the best performance they've witnessed at a track and field meet, but with just one catch ~ said performance cannot have been achieved by a member of their own team! 

What we're looking for is a selection of stories, where despite you being at the meet tasked with coaching your group, you could't help but revel in the effort put forth by an athlete from an opposing team. 

Beyond that there aren't a lot (if any) rules...

Here's what we need from you ~ 

  • A summary of a fantastic performance you've witnessed, dressed up with up with as much first-hand detail that you can provide. 
  • Back-up your information with statistics if you'd like, but that's not required. 
  • Information from any track and field discipline: sprints, hurdles, distance, jumps, throws ~ we want to hear about them all. 
  • News from any era is in play: the performance in question could have been demonstrated last season or 40 years ago (or anywhere in between) ~ any timeline is on the table. We simply want to provide you with an opportunity to discuss the excellence that you observed. 
  • An image that goes along with your story would be helpful, but it's not required. 

So what's the next step? 

Contact site editor, Mark Dwyer at: mark.dwyer@flosports.tv

What will this look like? 

We invite you to write about your experience so we can publish it as an article post or, alternatively, if you'd like to join the Buckeye State Breakdown and converse directly, that option is on the table as well. 

We're looking forward to receiving your submissions! 

Time Stamps ~ 

  • 1:05 -- Introducing our new article series 
  • 3:00 -- Ohio as an under-rated state for track and field 
  • 5:45 -- Tony Jones details all-time great Ohio performances
  • 10:00 -- Tony Jones discusses great Ohio performances in recent years
  • 13:00 -- Urging Ohio coaches to share some great stories 
  • 14:15 -- Conversation pivots to all-time Illinois greats 
  • 16:45 -- Shout-out to 'Toe The Line' and the Illinois state site contributors