Vote: Should Ohio Expand To 4 Divisions For Track And Field?

(4x400 relay exchange at the 2019 Division 3 State Championship meet) 

Over the years, we've talked to coaches and athletes about the potential implications a 4th division would have on the landscape of Ohio's outdoor track and field season. 

Feedback we've received includes that an additional division would make for a more even playing field for our state's smaller-sized schools. On the other hand, among other reasons, those against the idea cite complications an additional division would have on scheduling state meet weekend. 

While the results of our poll obviously won't change matters in an official capacity, we're aiming to get a sense of what the general preference is relating to the issue. 

Please cast a vote prior to the closure of our poll (Friday at noon) and we invite you to share your perspective in the comments section. If you elect to comment, please demonstrate courtesy and professionalism in your response. 

Let the voting begin!