Kaden Mendenhall Reviews Victorious Return To Track

Recent Ashland High School graduate, Kaden Mendenhall joined our podcast to recap his 800m victory at the Midsummer Nights Distance Open this past Tuesday at Indiana Wesleyan University

Tune-in above to hear Mendenhall's thoughts on his performance, plus how his training was going in lead-up to the meet and where he intends to go from here. 

Coverage - 

Midsummer Nights Distance Open / 800 Race 

Time Stamps - 

  • 1:40 -- How training was going in lead-up to race 
  • 2:55 -- Specifying his mileage and work-outs 
  • 3:50 -- Why he decided to attend the meet 
  • 4:40 -- Talking the history of Ashland's 800 school record 
  • 5:45 -- Detailing his 800 race performance 
  • 7:10 -- Outlining his 400 split and talking depth of field 
  • 8:20 -- Any familiarity he had on his competitors ahead of time
  • 9:10 -- Describing why he broke from the pace at 500m point 
  • 10:25 -- Assessing what he did well and what could be improved upon
  • 11:20 -- Reflecting on his emotions surrounding the return to competition
  • 12:35 -- Detailing his indoor state meet performance and comparing it to his latest result
  • 14:10 -- Reviewing the safety standards that were put in place by meet officials 
  • 15:15 -- His excitement to pursue college studies and club running at Cincinnati 
  • 16:00 -- Talking about the possibility of walking on the to the Bearcats varsity team
  • 16:30 -- Where his training will go from here and if he will be racing again this summer