Pro's Perspective: Michelle Howell Talks District Track Club

We're excited to be adding a new layer to our MileSplit Ohio podcast with the launch of the 'Pro's Perspective' series.

For our inaugural edition, we were joined by Michelle Howell, a member of the District Track Club, a professional racing group based out of Washington, D.C. 

Howell, a Florida native originally, graduated from Seminole Ridge High School in 2013 before starting her collegiate career at Florida International University. She eventually transferred to Jacksonville University, where she became an 11-time ASUN Conference Champion and the school's record holder in the 800. 

An athlete who displays impressive range, Howell has contested events from the 400 to 6k XC and almost everything in between over the years. In terms of times on the clock, her resume is anchored by a 2:03.05 800m effort at the 2019 South Carolina Track Festival. Howell entered the professional ranks in 2018. 

Watch Howell's interview above, where she reminisces on her accomplishments at the high school and college levels and where she notes what goals she's hoping to achieve moving forward.

Howell also outlined for us a day in the life of a pro. Look out for additional podcast episodes with DTC members in the coming weeks.

If you're a professional track and field and / or cross country athlete who would like to be a guest on the 'Pro's Perspective' please reach out to MileSplit Ohio site editor Mark Dwyer at:

Time Stamps -

  • 0:00 -- 'Pro's Perspective' series introduction 
  • 1:25 -- Talking about the history of the District Track Club
  • 4:00 -- Commenting on Under Armour sponsorship and re-branding efforts 
  • 5:25 -- Goals heading into the 2021 calendar year
  • 7:00 -- Discussing the pandemic and its impact on the professional scene
  • 8:25 -- Outlining the team's 2021 events schedule 
  • 9:40 -- Recapping her history in the sport 
  • 11:55 -- Why she moved up in distance and what's the hardest track event 
  • 12:55 -- Her involvement in other sports as a youth athlete
  • 13:40 -- How her goals to become a professional materialized 
  • 14:50 -- Describing what the perfect 800m race resembles
  • 15:45 -- Breaking down her racing style and being able to adapt to tactical competition
  • 16:25 -- Her perspective on giving back to the sport through coaching
  • 17:45 -- The best aspects of coaching high school athletes
  • 19:20 -- Noting her inspirations and mentors and her approach to coaching 
  • 21:20 -- Providing perspective on what a week in the life of a pro resembles 
  • 23:50 -- Highlighting how non-training components are critical to progress
  • 25:00 -- The importance of getting away from the training grind 
  • 26:10 -- Recruiting advice to high school seniors
  • 27:10 -- Recruiting advice to collegiate athletes who aspire to go pro
  • 28:45 -- Sharing what's the best part of being a member of DTC