Midwest Challenge: Entries, Schedule And Meet Information

(Fenwick's Sam Gutzwiller shown at OHSAA District VOA

The Midwest High School XC Challenge is set for Saturday at Champions Park in Springfield. 

Review below the schedule of events, the confirmed entries and meet information in advance of the meet. 

Covid Guidelines: Health Department Officials will be on-site to verify that spectators, coaches and meet personnel are wearing masks and demonstrating appropriate social distancing practices. Please make sure to abide by these important policies at all times while at Champions Park. 

Note: Runners should be wearing masks before and after their race. They do not need to wear a mask during competition. 

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Schedule of Events

12:00 pm -- Girls Race

12:45 -- Boys Race

Girls Entries

115HARTMAN, GraceJROakwood XC Club17:31.10
29EDWARDSON, BrookeSRKimberly XC Club17:48.24
35CLUTE, KatieSOOlmsted Falls XC Clu17:59.40
410ERBACH, HopeSRWaynesville XC Club18:07.30
53BENNETT, AnnieSRSt. Ursula Academy18:10.10
68DESANTIS, AudreyJRShawnee XC Club18:21.10
712EYMAN, MadisonSRFairfield Union XC C18:25.40
831SAVAGE, Reece9Unattached18:28.26
94BOATE, EllaSRMinster XC Club18:34.05
1016HENSLEY, Eva9Oak Hills XC Club18:39.40
1124MOULTON, HannahSRUnattached18:40.30
1220KATSARAS, LillieJROlmsted Falls XC Clu18:49.20
1330SAGER, EmmyJRUnattached18:49.90
1432SCHIEPPE, PeytonJRUnattached18:52.82
1511ERBACH, SamanthaFRWaynesville XC Club18:54.00
1633SPENCER, SophiaSRUnattached18:56.40
176COZETTE, ReillySRLakota XC Club19:04.60
1827RAMMEL, IsabelleSRGreenville XC Club19:10.80
1935WILL, TaraJRUnattached19:18.64
2019HOLLIDAY, VictoriaSRUnattached19:21.40
2129REMLEY, MorganJRLafayette XC Club19:30.66
2226NIVELLINI, Stephanie9Unattached19:37.00
2318HOCKSTOK, AshleySRUnattached19:46.20
2421LITTLE, MadisonJRNorthwestern XC Club19:58.90
2522MAILLOUX, LibbyJRMilford XC Club20:04.00
2613GATTA, CaitlynSRUnattached20:21.10
272ADAMS, CharlotteSRWalnut Hills XC Club20:33.00
287DELAP, Rachel9Olmsted Falls XC Clu20:45.00
2914GRABENBAUER, AylaJRMilford XC Club20:48.52
3028RAMOS, AnnabelleJRMilford XC Club20:53.00
3117HERRMANN, KateSOMilford XC Club20:56.10
3223MCGRAW, SaraSORoncalli XC Club21:26.30
3325MULLARKEY, BrianaSRMilford XC Club21:46.90
3434STAPLETON, Bailey9Mechanicsburg XC Clu24:48.70
Total Entries: 34

Boys Entries

151FORD, TakumiSRBellbrook XC Club15:32.30
268LAUCK, DylanJRWest Liberty-Salem15:41.90
384SCHMIDT, HaydenJRUnattached15:44.88
438BASCO, JohnSRHarvey XC Club15:47.00
580RODGERS, Blake9Belpre XC Club15:51.00
695WHITE, MasonSRCardington-Lincoln X15:53.63
796WILLIS, JailenJRPick. Central XC Clu15:54.10
836BALKO, CharlesSRPick. Central XC Clu15:57.00
961JAROLD, EvanJRUnattached16:01.00
1076OWEN, GannonSRTippecanoe XC Club16:07.40
1167LAMMERS, GavinSRUnattached16:08.50
1259HILL, ConnorSRLakota XC Club16:09.27
1398YODER, TateJRWest Liberty-Salem16:13.20
1481ROGERS, BrycenSRPick. Central XC Clu16:13.80
1575ONDRACEK, LukeJRWalsh Jesuit XC Club16:15.30
1679ROBERTS, AnthonyJRUnattached16:17.00
1786SKERBETZ, AaronSRSouth Fayette XC Clu16:17.23
1864KELLER, AlexJRUnattached16:18.11
1937BARRETTO, StephenSRRolling Meadows XC C16:19.78
2091TILLETT, DarienSRCuy. Heights XC Club16:21.90
2193WEBER, BryceJRPaine. Riverside XC16:24.67
2274NIXON, Riley9Ottawa Hills XC Club16:25.10
2347DILLAVOU, JordynJRUnattached16:26.30
2482ROW, LiamSRFort Wayne Bishop Dwenger XC16:28.15
2590SPINNER, JoshSRWest Liberty-Salem16:41.50
2655GUTZWILLER, SamSOFenwick XC Club16:48.70
2763JONES, ByronJRBelleville East XC16:49.66
2856HAMILTON, KolbySOUnattached17:01.60
2985SCRAPE, AndrewSOPick. Central XC Clu17:07.40
3078RAFFERTY, EricSOLafayette XC Club17:16.40
3140BOND, Chris9Franklin XC Club17:19.30
3257HARRISON, OwenSOWest Liberty-Salem17:20.90
3360HYDE, AdamJRUnattached17:21.87
3453FRY, NickSRUnattached17:25.80
3587SKIDMORE, MichaelSOPick. Central XC Clu17:31.10
3642BROWN, JacobSRPick. Central XC Clu17:39.60
3766KOPF, AustinSRUnattached17:39.90
3846DICRISTOFORO, LukeJRMoeller XC Club17:40.40
3958HASKINS, TyroneSRBellbrook XC Club17:44.70
4072MORSE, Jackson9Unattached17:44.90
4173NEGLEY, Will9Mechanicsburg XC Clu17:49.00
4250FORD, Mikuya9Bellbrook XC Club17:52.70
4349FECHTEL, BobbyJRUnattached17:54.10
4488SPEARS, JackJRUnattached17:54.70
4594WESTFALL, Matthew9Mechanicsburg XC Clu17:57.10
4677PORTER, Joshua9Mechanicsburg XC Clu18:05.10
4754GOFER, Nolan9Beavercreek XC Club18:40.90
4862JIOVANI, TonyJRBellbrook XC Club19:05.90
4992TUSSEY, BenjaminJRLafayette XC Club19:06.92
5083SAUER, NickJRUnattached19:17.43
5165KIKUMOTO, keisuke9Lafayette XC Club19:22.60
5244CARPENTER, Bryant9Lafayette XC Club19:41.60
5369LYMAN, Jackson9Piqua XC Club19:46.80
5448DURHAM, GarrettSOMechanicsburg XC Clu19:46.90
5552FRITZ, AndrewSOLafayette XC Club19:57.40
5639BOECK, WillJRMechanicsburg XC Clu20:01.80
5741BREWER, MasonJRLafayette XC Club20:09.85
5871MORGAN, TylerJRBellbrook XC Club21:16.10
5945DIAZ, ArmaniJRUnattachedNT
6097YINGST, BradyJRUnattachedNT
6143CARD, RyanJRCentral Ohio Tech XCNT
6270MARK, NathanJRCentral Ohio Tech XCNT
6389SPEAS, DonnyJRCentral Ohio Tech XCNT