Chieftain Mini-Invite: Entries, Schedule, Meet Information

(800 meter action from the Logan Chieftain Grand Prix

The 2021 Logan Indoor Series resumes on Wednesday evening at the Chieftain Center with the Mini-Invitational No. 1

Review below the performance lists, the schedule of events and general information details in advance of the meet. 

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EventLast NameFirst NameTeam
Girls 800 Meter RunDowdPiperUnioto
Girls 800 Meter RunEldridgeGwynUnioto
Girls 800 Meter RunSpetnagelIndiyahUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunFahrerXavierLancaster
Boys 800 Meter RunFullerZamirOlen. Orange
Boys 800 Meter RunGargaszJoeOlen. Orange
Boys 800 Meter RunKingBryanOlen. Orange
Boys 800 Meter RunLanoyIsaiahLancaster
Boys 800 Meter RunLarueCadenUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunLaRueJ.JUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunLloydRowenUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunLynchClaytonUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunLynchGabeUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunMcCloskeyColinOlen. Orange
Boys 800 Meter RunOotenZackUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunPeckEliUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunRagerTylorLancaster
Boys 800 Meter RunRoushOliverLancaster
Boys 800 Meter RunThomasBenUnioto
Boys 800 Meter RunWeberLincolnOlen. Orange
Boys 800 Meter RunWhitsideBradyHil. Davidson
Boys 800 Meter RunWickhamJacksonHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunDowdPiperUnioto
Girls 1600 Meter RunEldridgeGwynUnioto
Girls 1600 Meter RunGarlingLaineyOlen. Orange
Girls 1600 Meter RunGehringKeaganHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunHazelCorinneOlen. Orange
Girls 1600 Meter RunJonesCaitlynHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunKaulNicoleHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunLaneSophieHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunMasonAlyssaHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunMathewsSophiaHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunMichaelAllisonHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunMichaelRachHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunSchroffAbbyOlen. Orange
Girls 1600 Meter RunSpetnagelIndiyahUnioto
Girls 1600 Meter RunStullLindsayHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunSucharskiKaylaOlen. Orange
Girls 1600 Meter RunSweetmanDillonHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunTakahashiKoharuHil. Davidson
Girls 1600 Meter RunWalkSophiaHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunAckleyConnorHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunAndersonJacobLancaster
Boys 1600 Meter RunAndersonJohnLancaster
Boys 1600 Meter RunBanksTobyHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunBoydBrodyHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunChungJayHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunClarkRyanHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunCriserAdamLancaster
Boys 1600 Meter RunCrosbyWesLancaster
Boys 1600 Meter RunDavisCarterHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunEgolfAaronHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunEthridgeJakeOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunGiacomelliCarterOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunGilbertNateHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunHandNathanHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunHudsonAlexHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunKafkaAlexanderHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunKiekebenEricOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunLarueCadenUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunLaRueJ.JUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunLloydRowenUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunLynchClaytonUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunLynchGabeUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunNicholsJustinOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunOotenZackUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunPeckEliUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunPuhlNickHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunRudrarajuSakethOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunSchmidtTylerHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunSchnipkeOwenHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunSchroffMatthewOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunStullKalebLancaster
Boys 1600 Meter RunThomasBenUnioto
Boys 1600 Meter RunWhitneyZachHil. Davidson
Boys 1600 Meter RunWoolardLukeOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunWoolardNickOlen. Orange
Boys 1600 Meter RunZmudaRyanHil. Davidson
Boys 3200 Meter RunClarkRyanHil. Davidson
Boys 3200 Meter RunJohnsonNoahLancaster
Boys 3200 Meter RunKafkaAlexanderHil. Davidson
Boys 3200 Meter RunKendrewLukeUnioto
Boys 3200 Meter RunKoenigJacobLancaster
Boys 3200 Meter RunLanoyKaidenLancaster
Boys 3200 Meter RunLanoyTrevorLancaster
Boys 3200 Meter RunOganSethUnioto
Boys 3200 Meter RunSchobelockCoreyUnioto
Boys 3200 Meter RunSchorrCarterLancaster
Boys 3200 Meter RunSchorrZaneLancaster
Boys 3200 Meter RunSpetnagelMattUnioto
Boys 3200 Meter RunWhitlatchAidanLancaster
Girls 4x400 Meter RelayOlen. Orange
Girls 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Girls 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Girls 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayOlen. Orange
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayLancaster
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayOlen. Orange
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayOlen. Orange
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayHil. Davidson
Boys 4x400 Meter RelayLancaster
Boys Long JumpJusticeLogenLancaster
Boys High JumpArnoldHoldenLancaster
Boys High JumpJusticeLogenLancaster
Boys Pole VaultBurwellRafeLancaster
Boys Pole VaultCusterBenLancaster
Boys Pole VaultEdwardsDanielLancaster
Boys Pole VaultEhornBrodyLancaster
Boys Pole VaultLangLukasLancaster
Boys Shot PutBlackCameronLancaster
Boys Shot PutBorganNathanLancaster
Boys Shot PutSmithAnthonyLancaster
Boys Shot PutTharpTrentLancaster
Boys Weight ThrowBlackCameronLancaster
Boys Weight ThrowBorganNathanLancaster
Boys Weight ThrowSmithAnthonyLancaster
Boys Weight ThrowTharpTrentLancaster

Schedule of Events & Meet Information