Blake Heriot of Gahanna Lincoln Chooses to Become a Gator

Blake Heriot of Gahanna Lincoln, the 2009 Ohio High School Division 1 State Champion in the 200m and 400m dash, has chosen to continue his education and track career at the University of Florida.  Heriot also finished second in the finals of the 100m dash at the Ohio State Track and Field Championship.  Heriot had been considering  Baylor University, Florida State University, Mississippi State University and the University of Southern Califiornia before he made his final decision to become a Gator.


Heriot is the #1 recruit from Ohio, and one of the top recruits nationally, in the sprints for the class of 2010.  Heriot's times in the 100m (10.42), 200m (20.92w or 20.99 wind legal), and 400m (47.16) are all top returning times in Ohio.  Nationally Heriot returns the best time in the nation in the 200m, the fifth best returning time in the nation in the 100m, and the fourth best returning time in the 400m.