MileSplit To Oversee Registration And Coverage For OVAC Meet

(High School Varsity Division race start at the 2021 OVAC Championships)

The team from MileSplit Ohio is pleased to share that we will once again be overseeing meet registration and providing on-site reporting for the 2022 Cal Pokas Ohio Valley Athletic Conference High School and Junior High Championships

A truly unique conference due to the high volume of schools that have membership and the fact that it encompasses teams from multiple states, the OVAC has become a staple on our coverage calendar. 

This year's meet is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th on the campus of Cambridge High School. Review below more context on the conference's history plus the schedule of events and high school and junior high school course maps. 

"The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference is very unique. It began in 1943 with the cross country championships starting in 1967. Fifty schools make up this conference making it one if not the largest conference in the country."

"It has schools from Ohio and West Virginia which is also very unique. The smallest school has 27 students in the top 3 grades and the largest has 1425. All these schools line-up in the starting line at the same time and compete head-to-head." 

"The smallest schools could have the individual winner and that has happened several years. We then separate the schools into 4 classes to determine the team champions for each class."

"All this makes these cross country championships very special and well worth checking out every October."

-- Dugan Hill / OVAC XC and T&F Commissioner

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