Bermuda XC Challenge: Competition, Camaraderie And Culture

'Competition, Camaraderie, Culture' 

Those are the key objectives that meet manager Jason-Lamont Jackson Sr. hopes to accomplish during the inaugural Bermuda XC Challenge, which is set for Saturday, December 3rd in Devonshire, Bermuda. 

The MileSplit team will on the ground in Bermuda for full meet coverage and to partake in the myriad social and cultural activities that will be provided for the athletes, coaches, parents and other stakeholders who'll be in attendance. 

To set the table for what's sure to be a great event, Coach Jackson, from West Orange, New Jersey, outlined what he hopes to achieve from the experience and the lasting impact he expects will be left during year one of what we anticipate will become a yearly staple on the cross country calendar. 

Watch Coach Jackson's interview above to learn more about the XC Challenge and review the link below for additional meet details. 

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Bermuda XC Challenge Pre-Meet Coverage

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 -- Episode Introduction
  • 1:05 -- Explaining involvement as meet manager
  • 3:40 -- Schedule of events and course description
  • 7:00 -- Goals of the meet: Competition, Camaraderie, Culture
  • 9:45 -- Evolution of the meet, building to future years
  • 12:00 -- Highlighting the domestic USA athletes who'll be in attendance
  • 15:00 -- Describing what the sport of cross country looks like in Bermuda
  • 18:45 -- Cultural and celebratory events scheduled for the athletes
  • 21:45 -- The intended lasting impacts that will be achieved at the meet
  • 24:45 -- Episode Wrap-Up