Individual State Rankings: Regions 1 Through 12

(Saketh Rudraraju produced his 2023 best 15:22.20 mark out-of-state at Trinity/Valkyrie, KY, to station himself at the No. 8 spot in the Region 3 rankings)

Individual regional rankings (Regions 1-12) for Ohio's high school athletes based on season's best performances from 2023 meet results stored in the MileSplit system as of September 26th. 

We posted XC Team Scores articles earlier today and provided an analysis disclaimer. You can read it HERE

For our individual listings, the spirit of that same message applies. Some runners race a schedule full of highly difficult, hilly courses that are far from time-friendly while others have scored top marks navigating flat or mostly downhill terrain punctuated with track-based finishes. 

Some runners 'go for it' every race, while others may adopt a team strategy of pacing and developing younger teammates with a long-range game plan in mind. The qualifiers are seemingly endless, but that's also what makes analyzing our sport fun.

Our rankings don't guarantee what would be an absolute order of finish, but rather they provide a baseline level of context for those who are interested in following the sport to consider. There is no substitute for a head-to-head match-up to see who crosses the line first. 

With those caveats out of the way, we hope that you enjoy and find value in our database, which is by far the most comprehensive one that exists in the high school cross country space.

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(The Wake Forest bound Amy Weybrecht checks-in at No. 18 in the Region 5 rankings with her season's best 19:41.70 mark)

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