National Record Holder Aaron Evans Talks Bermuda Challenge

Aaron Evans, Bermuda's fastest man ever over the 800 meter distance, joined us to highlight his athletics career and to help preview the upcoming 2024 edition of the Bermuda Track and Field Challenge, which is scheduled for June 21st-22nd at the National Athletics Stadium in Devonshire. 

The former Commonwealth Games participant and University of Georgia Bulldogs veteran outlined the current state of the sport in his native Bermuda at the professional and youth levels and showcased leaders locally such as Coach Cal Simons of the Bermuda Pacers, Hazel Clark from Bermuda Tourism and his father Dr. Freddie Evans (Director of Sport for the Bermuda National Athletics Association), among others who have played a role in pushing the sport forward. 

Evans also discussed the role his mother, Gina Smith Evans, former 400m and 800m Bermuda National Record holder had on his career plus the positive impacts the Coach Jason-Lamont Jackson Sr. led Challenge series has had on his homeland. 

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 - Interview Introduction 
  • 0:50 - Detailing how he first became interested in the sport
  • 3:05 - Coach Cal Simon's influence on his track career 
  • 5:05 - How his parents helped impact his athletic and academic development
  • 7:20 - Going to high school in the United States to pursue better competition
  • 9:40 - Reflecting on his time at the University of Georgia and racing in the SEC
  • 12:30 - Reviewing the 2010-11 period when many of his top accomplishments occurred
  • 14:40 - Attributes which helped lead to his 800 meter success 
  • 17:05 - His thoughts on what is the toughest event in track 
  • 18:20 - The pride he derives from his multiple Bermuda National Records 
  • 20:55 - Comparing his 800m and 4x800m relay National Record achievements
  • 23:20 - Assessing where the sport currently stands in Bermuda at the professional and youth levels
  • 28:30 - Evaluating the impacts the Challenge Series has had on the sport locally in Bermuda
  • 31:35 - Interview Conclusion

Photo Credit: The Royal Gazette