Saturday Night Lights VII presented by New Balance of Dayton 2012

Centerville, OH

Meet Information

2012 Course Maps

Hosted by: Centerville High School Boys XC

3:00 pm 4th Grade and under 1 kilometer
3:45 pm 5th & 6th grade girls 1 Mile
4:00 pm 5th & 6th grade boys 1 Mile
4:15 pm 7th grade girls 2 Mile
4:40 pm 8th grade girls 2 Mile
5:05 pm 7th grade boys 2 Mile
5:25 pm 8th grade boys 2 Mile
5:50 pm Awards Ceremony Junior High

High School
6:30 pm H.S. Womens Freshmen and Sophomore 5k Race
7:05 pm H.S. Mens Freshmen and Sophomore 5k Race
7:40 pm H.S. Womens Open 5k Race (any reserve runner)
8:15 pm H.S. Mens Open 5k Race (any reserve runner)
8:50 pm H.S. Womens Race of Champions-5k
9:25 pm H.S. Mens Race of Champions-5k
9:45 pm Award Ceremony

Entry Fee:
H.S. Varsity and Reserve races-- $100 per gender.
Middle School Races--$75 per gender team.
Maximum per school district--$275
Individual runners in high school races $15 (less than 7 runners).
Individual runners in junior high school races $10.
Individual runners in elementary school races FREE

Register your team and runners on Here is the direct link: Your team and runners need to be registered before Wednesday August 22, 2012 8:59PM. Links to the Course Maps will be posted on the meet page on milesplit and

This meet will be sanctioned for West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Race atmosphere: We constantly get feedback from runners that this race is a favorite. They love the huge crowds, the loud music, the free giveaways, the glow in the dark jewelry, and the great competition. The course begins with a back grass loop before heading onto the track where they pass by the mile marker. Runners then run two farm loops that include a track section.

Since the course hits our track three times, we are asking ALL coaches to help us enforce the 1/4 inch spike rule for this meet. There are no major uphills in this meet, there is no mud, there is no long grass, and realistically there is no need for anything longer than a 1/4 inch spike. We are instructing the officials to check spikes of the athletes 20 minutes before each race along with the normal check in procedure. Please relay this information to your runners.

Traffic: The school driveway is one way. Tell your bus drivers that the entrance is on the right approximately 1 mile from State Route 48. Franklin Street is a two-lane road through downtown Centerville heading eastbound. Have your bus drivers stay in the right lane.

Bus parking: Will be the same as last year. The buses will drop off athletes behind the school next to the stadium. The buses will then be routed to park in front of the school. They should park diagonally facing the return route to the back of the school. This will ensure that no bus has to back up once parked.

Spectator parking: To help offset the cost of renting the lights, we will be charging $5 for each car to park as we did last year. There is not an individual admission fee once inside the high school. We will have parking attendants charging $5 a carload before you enter the parking lots. Each paid vehicle will receive a coupon for $2 off any T- shirt.

Spectators: We have the same rules for spectators as last year. No spectators are allowed on the track or field turf areas. Each team will be given coaches passes and photographer passes for these areas. The best viewing location is in the football stands. The visitor side stands will not be open. Please note that the farm will be closed to everyone at 6:30. Course inspection must be completed prior to this time.

Concessions are available under the football stadium.

Restrooms are available under the football stadium.

Trainers will be located at the south end of the stadium. An EMT will be stationed by the hill.

Team camps are permissible by the bell tower or between the stadium and the parking lot.

Chip Timing: This meet is scored utilizing chip timing. Your packet will contain chips and a numbers for your athletes. Make sure the chip and number are assigned to each athlete. Please update your rosters before the deadline and delete anyone not running because we also pay for unused chips. After the runner finished, he/she will put the timing chip in the bucket by the finish line. Please return any unused chips from your packet.

We do have a special exemption for jewelry for this race. Runners may wear watches and glow-in-the-dark jewelry in this race. Glow-in-the-dark jewelry will be available for purchase under the stadium. This jewelry is allowed by OHSAA only for this race.