M-F Athletic High School Invite (ALL Div) 2015

Findlay, OH

Meet Information

M-F Athletic High School Invite hosted by The University of Findlay Friday, February 27, 2015 (All Divisions) Thank you for your interest in The University of Findlays high school indoor track & field competitions. Following you will find entry information as well as general meet information for the M-F Athletic High School Invite. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with our meet procedures (especially check-in for running events) and other pertinent information. We traditionally have a large number of participants on each day of competition and we appreciate your help in running a smooth meet.
New to this years meet . There will be a set limit on the number of participants in each event. We must institute this in order to complete the meet in a timely fashion. Entries will be taken on a first come-first served basis. Please refer to the entry opening and closing window and the entry limits in the meet information below.
Contacting Us Mailing address: The University of Findlay Track & Field Office 1000 North Main Street Findlay, OH 45840 Phone & e-mail: Marc Arce 419-434-4674; arce@findlay.edu Lisa Klingshirn 419-434-4545; klingshirn@findlay.edu
Accessing Information on our Website Meet information, time schedules, and results will be available on our website www.findlay.edu. Click on Athletics; Select either Mens Sports or Womens Sports; Select Track & Field; click on the Meet Information link; scroll down to the specific meet.
Meet entries and an updated time schedule will be placed on our website the day prior to the meet (if not sooner). Be sure to check the website for the most up-to-date information.
Entry Window All entries must be submitted on http://oh.milesplit.com/ or www.finishtiming.com. Entries will open on Sunday, February 15 at noon. Entries will close on Wednesday, February 25 at 11:59pm. Changes to your entry can be made up until the entry deadline. As we have entry limits for each event, please be courteous and scratch your athletes online prior to the deadline so that someone may fill any available slots.
Entry Limit Athletes are limited to three individual events. Teams are limited to one relay per relay event. B teams can enter at an additional fee of $10 per relay. C teams (or a third relay team) is not permitted.
Entry Limits per Event NEW TO THIS YEAR In order to finish the meet in a timely fashion we will limit entries for each event per gender as follows: Event Limit Event Limit Shot Put 36 60m 64 Weight Throw 36 60m hurdles 40 Long Jump 36 200m 54 Triple Jump 20 400m 60 High Jump 30 800m 48 Pole Vault 30 Mile 60 3200m 30 4x200m Relay 24 4x400m Relay 24 4x800m Relay 12
Entering Marks Entering marks should be projections of your athletes performances for this point of the season, not personal bests. This will ensure that each athlete will be placed into a heat/flight that he or she can handle at this time of the year. You can enter an athlete with NT (no time); however, he/she will be placed in the slowest heat or weakest flight.
Entry fees Entry fees are $10 per individual (who is entered in one or more individual events) and $10 per relay (an athlete who is in a relay only will not be charged an individual entry fee, only the relay is charged). Maximum team amounts will be charged as follows: 13-20 athletes is $125; 21-30 athletes is $150; and over 30 athletes is $175. Boys teams and girls teams are separate. Teams charged a maximum team amount will receive 3 relay entries at no additional charge. B teams can be entered and will be charged an additional entry fee of $10 per relay this is in addition to the maximum team entry fee. Entry fees are based on the number of athletes and relays entered, not the number who actually compete. You can make scratches up to 5:00pm on the day prior to the meet (see below) and not be charged for those scratched entries. Make checks payable to The University of Findlay Track & Field. We encourage you to send payment prior to meet day; however, you may bring payment with you.
Scratches You may report any scratches via e-mail (klingshirn@findlay.edu) on the day prior to the meet by 5:00pm. We will also take final scratches on meet day. We urge you to make scratches on the day prior if possible to allow us to operate the meet more efficiently. Also you will not be charged for athletes and relays that you scratch prior to 5:00pm the day before the meet. Facility Layout The University of Findlays Malcolm Athletic Center has a 200m Mondo surface track with six lanes on the oval and eight on the straightaway. There are two LJ pits, each with a 190 runway. The PV runway is 160 in length. There is FinishLynx timing interfaced with a scoreboard and Hy-Tek Meet Management software. Portable bleachers accommodate seating for approximately 650. There is a spike-resistant carpet covering the wood courts we ask that teams make their camp there. Spikes pyramid spikes or less can be worn for all running events, the long jump, and the pole vault. Please note that most Nike and Adidas spikes are supplied with Christmas Tree spikes those are NOT permitted on our track. Please replace them with pyramid spikes which may be purchased at the track. High jumpers may
be asked to remove spikes from shoes, depending on pit placement. SPIKES CANNOT BE WORN OUTSIDE OF THE TRACK AREA!!!
Admission Fee Admission will be charged except for coaches and athletes. Admission prices are $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for children; 10 & under are free.
Concession Stand The concession stand will be open throughout the competition.
Directions The University of Findlay is located just off Interstate-75 at exit #159 in Findlay, Ohio. Off the exit ramp, follow 224 East approximately 1.2 miles. Turn right onto Main Street. The Koehler Complex is on the right in two blocks, just past the University Bookstore. Limited parking is available in the lots in front and behind the building; signs will be posted for additional parking areas. Buses may drop off athletes in the front drive and then park in designated areas. Do not park in the lot behind the church located to the south of the Koehler Complex vehicles parking in that lot are subject to towing please pass this information on to any parents or spectators attending the meet.
Inclement Weather If your team is unable to make the meet due to inclement weather, PLEASE CALL 419-434-4545 and leave a message!!! This will enable us to delete your team from the meet and avoid empty lanes and small flights. Should weather necessitate meet cancellation, we will place a recorded message at 419-434-4545.
Meet Day Check-In Coaches must check-in immediately upon arrival at the reception desk in the main lobby of the building. Coaches will receive an entry list detailing each athlete and relay entry as is currently entered into our computer system. It is the coachs responsibility to double-check this entry list and report any mistakes! Instructions will be given for making corrections, scratches and/or substitutions.
Time Schedule A tentative time schedule is posted on our website. A final time schedule, based on entries, will be posted on our website the day prior to the meet and will be made available on meet day. We will still roll ahead of this final time schedule if possible.
Flight and Heat Sheets Flight and heat sheets will be posted on the bulletin boards outside the track area in the hallway past the restrooms and training room. Field event flights will be posted approximately 60 minutes prior to the start of the field events. Heat sheets for running events will be posted approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the first running event. Flights and heats may be condensed during the course of the meet please inform your athletes!
Warm-Up Warm-up is permitted on the track as long as it does not interfere with any events in progress. Athlete warmup is not permitted in the finish line area once running events start. Crossing the finish line may block the view of the camera; therefore athletes and coaches are not permitted in the vicinity of the finish line area while races are in progress. Please note that the 200m and the first lap of the 400m are run entirely in lanes. Athletes should use lanes 4, 5, & 6 during multiple lap races.
Athlete Check-In Athletes competing in field events should check-in with the meet official at the event site at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the event. All athletes competing in running events must check-in at the hip number table near the 60-meter start line approximately 20-30 minutes prior to the projected start of their event. We
follow a rolling time schedule; therefore the time schedule contains tentative start times. First call, second call, etc. announcements will not be made it is the athletes responsibility to check-in on time. The clerks will then stage competitors into the correct heat approximately 5-10 minutes prior to the start of each race this will take place near the 60m starting line. The clerk will then walk each heat to the starting line. It is imperative that athletes remain in the vicinity of the staging area so that they do not miss their race.
Implement Weight-In Weigh-ins will be held at the storage room next to the long jump pits. Shot puts must be for indoor use only.
Starting Heights Girls HJ: 42; increments of 2 Boys PV: 90; increments of 6 Boys HJ: 54; increments of 2 Girls PV: 70; increments of 6
Results Results will be posted on the bulletin boards in the outside hallway as soon as possible after the conclusion of each event. Complete results will also be posted on our website.
Food Inside Track Area Food and drink (except water) are not permitted inside the track area. The classroom across from the track entrance is reserved for teams to place any food and coolers.
Training Room The training room will be staffed and available throughout the competition. A certified athletic trainer and student athletic trainers will be on site to provide ice, water and any emergency medical attention that may be needed. Please bring your own athletic tape.