Youngstown State University HS Meet #3 2015

Youngstown, OH
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Meet Information

Youngstown State University
2015 Indoor High School/Open
Track & Field Meets
Day Date Time
Saturday January 10, High School Open/JR High & AAU 10:00am5pm
Saturday January 24, High School Open/JR High & AAU 10:00am5pm
Sunday February 8, High School Open/High & AAU 10:00am5pm
Saturday February 14, High School Open/ JR High & AAU 10:00am5pm
Location/Facility:Watson and Tressel Training Site (WATTS) on YSU campus
GPS Address: 651 Elm St. | Youngstown, OH 44555
Contact: Brian Gorby, Head Cross/Track & Field Coach , (330) 5197591 (cell)
Contact Josh KleinDelta Timing
Additional information can be found at
Entry Deadlines: Entries for all meets will close on the Tuesday preceding the meet at 8
p.m. Entries will be done at & look for YSU High School Meets.
Meets will be OPENED for registration on Direct Athletics 4 weeks before actual HS meet.
INDIVIDUAL ENTRY FEES: $ 10 per event, per athlete. Three events = $30. Limit three
individual events. An individual relay entry will be $ 7. Entries by a team from 1-29
individual entries will be treated as an individual entry fee.
For teams of 30 individual event entries, the entry fee will be $ 240
For teams of 40 individual event entries, the entry fee will be $ 280.
For teams of 50 individual event entries, the entry fee will be $ 300.
Limit 60 individual event entrys per team.
A relay entry is treated as 4 individual entrys = $ 28 total.
Mens & Women are separate entry fees per gender for separate teams.
The High School Meet Entries on Direct Athletics will be capped. The first 1,500 Individual
Meet Entries to enter will be accepted. Run on the fastest Indoor Track surface in Ohio!