Ultimate Air Vault Series 2017

Rossburg, OH

Meet Information

Ultimate Air Vault Series

January 29, 2017 and February 26, 2017

Introducing the first indoor pole vault meets offered in our indoor training facility.
- 100 runways, spikes welcomed
- 2 pits
- Sanctioned USA track and field meet
- $20 paid the day of the meet, cash or check.
- Must have signed USATF waiver to complete, signed by Parent/guardian.
- Meet begins at 2:00pm. for the January 29th meet.
o Doors open at 12:30, runways will be open at 1:00.
o Girls will vault first, followed by boys.
- Small concession will be available.

For additional information please contact Steve Shellhaas
937-417-0037 or Ultimateairclub@gmail.com

Website: Ultimateair.club

Ultimate Air Facility
3199 Washington Road (big brown building)
Rossburg, OH 45362

** more info on February 26th meet coming soon!!