Wayne Invitational 2011

Huber Heights, OH
Hosted by Wayne
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Meet Information

***Throws Update*** - We will start girls flight three (3) of the Discus throw at 4pm sharp. Please report as soon as possible to the throws area. Flights 4 and 5 will follow and then finals.

Following girls discus, we will throw Boys Hammer and then Girls Hammer.

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Individual entries will be accepted this year for elite athletes, please contact Mike Fernandez at Mferngin89@aol.com if you are interested.

Wayne Invitational 2011 Thursday April 28th and Friday April 29th at Good Samaritan Athletic Fields at Heidkamp Stadium behind Wayne High School in Huber Heights, Ohio.

This is a 2 day meet, with some finals and semi-finals on day one. Day 2 will be finals in rest of running
events, plus ELITE 1600 and 3200 races.

You may enter 2 per event and one relay. Meet management will declare who is considered Elite for the
1600 and 3200 meter races. Mainly rankings from milesplit will determine who is in the elite and who is
in the rising stars, but will put athletes in with meet management approval; I will have something posted
as soon as entries close.

As for the pole vault, this event will be contested Thursday for those that arent the top 12 marks
entered in (Ill take ties if its in the top 12). The Elite top 12 will be contested on Friday. It is possible
still for someone to place from Thursdays results. This will be for both boys and girls pole vault. The
idea here is not to make the good vaulters wait all night long, and also to showcase them, too.

The high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus will be contested Thursday. Shot put and discus will have
minimum marks, as will the long jump. In those events, there will be 3 attempts, with top 9 to finals.
High jump and long jump will have two pits, so boys and girls will be contested together.

On day 2 for field events, we will contest the triple jump (two pits again, so boys and girls at same time),
hammer throw and ELITE pole vault (boys and girls).

For running events, Thursday will have semi-finals in the 100h/110h, 100m, and 200m, with top 8 times
advancing to finals. We will have the Distance Medley relay (1200-400-800-1600), Shuttle Hurdles
(4x100 33 and 4x110 36) and 4x800 contested as finals. Also, the rising stars 3200 meter run will be
run on day one, also.

On Day 2, we will run the 1600 m Rising stars at 4:00, then proceed with the finals at 6:00 p.m. for rest
of meet. The break will be for Waynes senior night and special Olympic recognition.

Please note that due to the new construction of schools on campus, the shot put and discus rings have
temporarily been relocated to our Studebaker Middle school (5934 Longford Road). We will have a
school shuttle bus from 4:00-8:00 p.m. that will be available to take athletes and coaches back and forth
from the track to the shot/discus rings. Please make sure your assistant coaches, athletes, parents and
fans know of this situation.

Awards will be given to top 8 placers. Each placer will receive a customized Wayne Invitational medal,
1st -8th places (Yes, no ribbons!). There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team trophy for boys and girls
teams. Entries are to be on www.finishtiming.com, please get your entries in on time. Late entries
may not be allowed and subject to a late fee!

Field Events 4:30
Shot Put/Discus/Long Jump 3 attempts
Minimum Marks *will mark 1st legal
attempt, then Min. Marks after*
Girls Shot Put (Boys to follow) Top 9 to Finals
Min. Mark Girls 30 feet/Boys 43 feet
Boys Discus (Girls to follow) Top 9 to Finals
Min. Mark Girls 90 feet/Boys 115 feet
Boys and Girls HJ (2 Pits)
Opening Ht: Girls 4-6/Boys 5-6
Boys and Girls LJ (2 Pits)
Min. Mark Girls 13 feet/Boys 18 feet
Boys PV (followed by Girls) Opening Ht: Girls 6-0/Boys 9-0

Running Events
Distance Medley 1200-400-800-1600 Girls FINAL 4:30
Distance Medley 1200-400-800-1600 Boys FINAL 4:50
100 H Girls Top 8 times to Finals 5:05
110 H Boys Top 8 times to Finals 5:20
100 D Girls Top 8 times to Finals 5:40
100 D Boys Top 8 times to Finals 5:55
3200 Girls (Rising Stars) Girls FINAL 6:05
3200 Boys (Rising Stars) Boys FINAL 6:30
200 D Girls Top 8 times to Finals 7:00
200 D Boys Top 8 times to Finals 7:20
4x100 shuttle hurdles 30" (slow to fast) Girls FINAL 7:35
4x110 shuttle hurdles 36" (slow to fast) Boys FINAL 7:50
4x800 Girls FINAL 8:00
4x800 Boys FINAL 8:30

Friday "ELITE"
Field Events 4:00
Boys Hammer Throw (top 16 entered) Top 9 to Finals 4:00
Girls Hammer Throw (top 16 entered) Top 9 to Finals 4:45
Boys and Girls TJ Top 9 to Finals 4:30
"ELITE" Pole Vault (top 12 B/G) 4:30
Opening height TBD
Rising Star 1600 M Girls (2 Heats) 4:00
Rising Star 1600 M Boys (2 Heats) 4:20
Break for Senior Night Recognition and Special Olympics Recognition
Running Events 6:00 P.M.
100 H Girls 1 Heat Final 6:00
110 H Boys 1 Heat Final 6:05
100 D Girls 1 Heat Final 6:10
100 D Boys 1 Heat Final 6:15
4x200 (slow to fast) Girls (3 Heats) 6:20
4x200 (slow to fast) Boys (3 Heats) 6:30
"Elite" 1600 M Girls Top 16 times entered 6:45
"Elite" 1600 M Boys Top 16 times entered 6:55
4x100 (slow to fast) Girls (3 Heats) 7:05
4x100 (slow to fast) Boys (3 Heats) 7:15
400 M (slow to fast) Girls Timed Finals 7:25
400 M (slow to fast) Boys Timed Finals 7:35
300 H (slow to fast) Girls Timed Finals 7:45
300 H (slow to fast) Boys Timed Finals 7:55
800 M (slow to fast) Girls (3 Heats) 8:05
800 M (slow to fast) Boys (3 Heats) 8:20
200 M Girls 1 Heat Final 8:35
200 M Boys 1 Heat Final 8:40
"Elite" 3200 M Girls Top 16 times entered 8:45
"Elite" 3200 M Boys Top 16 times entered 9:00
4x400 (slow to fast) Girls (3 Heats) 9:15
4x400 (slow to fast) Boys (3 Heats) 9:30