Catching up with Top Returners: Hannah Campbell

-Athlete Name:  Hannah Campbell
-School: River Valley High School
-Year of Graduation: 2014
-Best time in a 5K race and in which meet: 18:29 – State XC Meet 2012
-Tell us how your summer training is going?: 
It has being going ok.  I have had some interruptions due to some summer camps and other things going on.  The cooler weather has helped.  I have been trying to follow the schedule my coach gives out at the end of the year.
-What are your goals for the upcoming season?: 
My goal for this season is to stay healthy, improve on my time, encourage my teammates and make my senior year a memorable one.
-How long have you been running and how did you get started?:
In elementary school my gym teacher made us run the mile and would time us each year.  I enjoyed it because it was a challenge and I loved the competition.  In 8th grade I started running cross country because I wanted to get into shape for basketball season.
-Will you be competing anywhere out of state this season?:
I have not scheduled any out of state competition this year, but if the opportunity arises I will definitely take advantage of it. 
-What is your favorite course to run in Ohio?:
The course at Pickerington is my favorite because the level of competition is very challenging there.  I run there several times a year so I’m very familiar with the course.  It is always a huge meet and last year there were 271 runners in my race which is so exciting.
-What is the toughest course to run in Ohio?:
I think that the course at Ontario is the toughest because it seems to be long and the weather always seems to be a factor at that meet.
-What meet during the regular season do you put extra emphasize on to compete well at?: 
I put the most emphasize on our MOAC conference meet. It is important for our team to have a good showing at this meet and to pick up momentum going into the year end races.
-What is your favorite cross country race so far in your high school career?:
The 2012 Galion Invitational stands out in my mind as a great race.  The weather was perfect and there was challenging completion that day.  The Lord blessed me and I was able to break a long standing high school record.
-Favorite cross country memory?:
At the district race at Watkins when I took off my sweats at the starting line I realized that my shorts were on backwards. My team had to gather around me so I could take them off and turn them around. Everyone was giving us weird looks, but I didn’t have time to run to the bathroom to make the change. It’s a standing joke at the starting line now to make sure my shorts are on right.
-When you are not running what is your favorite thing to do?:
Water ski, snow ski or just anything outside!
-Favorite quote?:  
Philippians 4:13 by the Apostle Paul – I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
-What shoes do you train in?: 
Right now I’m training in Nike, but I usually wear Mizuno.
-What shoes do you race in?: 
-What's on your Ipod when you go out for runs?:
I don’t use my Ipod very much on runs, but if I do it’s on shuffle and I listen to a lot of different types of music.
-What professional athlete would you most like to meet?:
I want to meet Tim Tebow. He is such a great athlete and he gives God all the praise for his accomplishments. I think that is an amazing thing and he is a great encouragement to other Christians.
-What is something that most people don't know about you?:
I love to bake.