College Signings - Why They Chose Their Schools

College signings are always interesting to see, but everybody wonders why one athlete chose one schol and why another athlete chose a different school.  Inside you will find out why certain athletes chose the school that they did in their own words.  This article will be updated throughout February as more responses are returned.

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Erik Kynard on why he chose Kansas State University

"I choose K-State because of the coaching staff and history of high jumping success. Coach Rovellto has coached and is coaching the best jumpers around, such as Jamie Neito, Scott Sellers, Jeese Williams, Jim Dilling, and many more.  These are just some of the athletes that he coaches.  I just want to be a part of history and learn the many aspects of high jumping from a great coach."




Angela Klimkowski on why she chose Ohio University    

"The coaching staff is second to none and not just with track and field and cross country, but as far as I am concerned in all of athletics. Don't get me wrong, I truly respect and admire all of the coaches that have worked with me, however, this is a Division 1 MAC school. They just don't get any better than these guys! 

The Academic standards that OU places above all is certainly another reason for my choice, because at the end of the day that is why I am attending college. During my visit I fell in love with the people on campus, the campus itself and the girls on the team that I had a chance to meet made me feel very welcome. During that visit everything came together and I felt like I belonged there, almost as if I was supposed to run for Ohio University!"


Erin Pendleton on why she chose the University of Michigan

"I chose Michigan for a couple reasons. I liked the feel of the campus and how it felt like a place I could call home for the next four years. Michigan's academics are very good and I wanted to choose a place that I could get a degree from that is known throughout the nation. I didn't want to go too far from home because I want my parents to come to some track meets to watch.

I love the coaching staff and the team atmosphere. Coach Anne is a great person and a great coach. My older sister Emily, who also throws for Michigan, was also a little bit of a factor. When it came down to making the decision I decided I would rather compete with her than against her."


Mary Prakel on why she chose the US Military Academy at West Point


“It all started with a random letter from Armyabout attending a weeklong Summer Leadership Series camp at West Point.  I wasn’t really interested at first, but after talking it over with my parents they said that it could be something worthwhile to attend.  When I was at West Point for the camp I was able to interact with the coaches and some of the cadets, and it opened my mind and changed my perspective on attending a military school.  Once I returned home I started talking to graduates of


West Point and some current cadets about their experiences.  Through talking with these people I started to realize that this might be the place for me.  The decision wasn’t just about track, it was about a getting a great education, becoming an officer in the military and improving my leadership skills.  The great coaching staff and the fantastic teammates that I will have are bonus in my decision to attend West Point.”



Curt Smith on why he chose The Ohio State University  (Photo, courtesy of Jim Day)

 "When asked as to why I chose The Ohio State University I thought of the phrase: 'The People, The Tradition and The Excellence.'

'THE PEOPLE' that I have meet – Coach Tim Walters, (who was my USATF Coach and now is volunteer coach @ OSU), Coach Mannon (Throws) and Coach Gary (Head Coach @ OSU) are very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. They seem to be great motivators of their athletes and are liked as well. I just connected to them as well as to my future teammates.

'THE TRADITION' – Growing up in Ohio in a family with six OSU grads, you couldn’t help want to be a Buckeye. I have always wanted to be one and am privileged to have the opportunity to do what I like to do (throw) and to represent OSU while doing it.

'THE EXCELLENCE' – It is an honor to be able to say that you graduated from The Ohio State University. Academically they have an excellent reputation. Athletically, competing in the Big 10 will be very challenging and exciting.

That is why I chose THE Ohio State University!" 


Mahagony Jones on why she chose Penn State University

"I chose Penn State University for many reasons. The campus is so beautiful. When I went on a visit there, everyone was so friendly. The track team made me feel like I was at home. The student athletes there are very accomplished as well. They have a high graduation rate. They also have a 2008 Big Ten Championship under their belt.

The coaches and staff are very accomplished as well. They have coached one of the top 400m runners on the collegiate level, Shana Cox. She was the 2008 NCAA Champion in 400 meters. Their 4x400 meter relay team were NCAA Champions. Penn State University has a nice indoor facility. It is a great advantage to have a nice facility to practice in. I felt that Penn State University was the perfect choice for me."



Jack Greenlee on why he chose the University of Michigan

"I’m pumped to have the opportunity to vault at the college level, especially at a university I have always hoped to attend. The University of Michigan coaches couldn’t have been more helpful throughout my decision making process and I am looking forward to learning from them and getting to know them better over the course of the next few years.

The Ross School of Business is one of the top rated business programs in the nation and the track program is on the rise, coming off of a Big Ten Championship season last year. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to thrive with all of the resources, both athletic and academic, that The University of Michigan has to offer. "



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