2010 College Signings - Why They Chose Their Schools

College signings are always interesting to see, but everybody wonders why one athlete chose one schol and why another athlete chose a different school.  Inside you will find out why certain athletes chose the school that they did in their own words. 


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Justin Welch on why he chose the University of Georgia


"I chose to continue my education and track and field career at the University of Georgia because I already felt at home on the campus. I liked everything about the school and had no negatives. Also another reason I chose UGA is because Coach Babbitt is well known for being a very good coach.  I think he can take me to the next level that I need to reach in order to achieve my goals."




Colby Alexander on why he chose the University of Oregon


"I chose to continue my education and track and field career at the University of Oregon because I have dreamed of going to Oregon since I was in the eighth grade.  The tradition and history of all the great college runners helped in my decision as well.  I finally achieved my dream of wearing the Oregon "O."


One of the neat things about Eugene and the campus is that they treat their Cross Country and Track and Field athletes like how Columbus treats Ohio State Football players because Eugene is Track Town, USA.  I also really hit it off with the coaches right away as well as with my future teammates."


Dana Tomasello on why she chose West Virginia Wesleyan College


“I chose West Virginia Wesleyan College for many reasons. While searching for colleges, I looked at different divisions but I found that my best fit was a division two school. I like the emphasis on academics that WVWC has. They also have many majors that I am interested in. The team together has a high grade point average, and maintains Academic Honors.


Upon visiting, I found the campus to be everything that I had hoped for. Coach Skiles and the team made me feel welcome and part of the cross country and track family. They have won fifteen conference titles in the last sixteen years, and I want to be a part of the excellence. I feel that I can improve at WVWC more than any other school I looked at. The friendly small town atmosphere and mountain setting was something that I could not find anywhere else. I am truly honored to be a Bobcat and excited to begin my years at West Virginia Wesleyan!”


Blake Heriot on why he chose the University of Florida


“The main reason I choose the University of Florida was FAMILY. When I went down there to visit I felt like a part of them already. Terrell Wilks was my host.  I got along with all the players and everything went smooth.  I was very impressed that Coach Holloway (Head track and field coach) set up meetings with the Athletic Director, Jeremy Foley, Football Coach, Urban Meyers, and Basketball Coach, Billy Donavon. It was very cool to talk to the people you see on TV.


Another reason I choose the University of Florida was Academics. I will double major in Accounting and Finance. In that major UF is ranked 49th in the nation so I thought that was very outstanding not only to be good in sports but also to be good in academics. Also, it is close to home. I have a family member that stays in Jacksonville so whenever I need to get away from the college life I can do so. Last thing that I want to mention is the coach-and-runner relationship. I respect and trust Coach Holloway with all my heart. He knows what to do to get you from good to great. And he has done it many times. The thing that he always says to me is to be patient and times will come and I truly believe that. I feel that he is very similar to my Pacesetters Club Coach, Chris Simon. One thing that I believe is that you have to do is buy into the system. I have bought into Coach Holloway’s system of training a long time ago. His famous quote that I love is “I do what I have to do so I can do what I want to do.” 


Go Gators!”


Matt Hoty on why he chose the University of Tennessee


"I chose to continue my education and track and field career at the University of Tennessee for many reasons.  First, I think Coach Frazier is a phenomenal coach, and with the amount of success he has already had with other throwers, I know we will make a great team for the next few years.  The city of Knoxville is absolutely amazing, it practically bleeds Tennessee Orange! The people down there are awesome, and it really is just a great environment.  Their facilities could compete with just about any other university, they are truly top-notch.  


As far as the academics go, I feel that Tennessee has a very strong school, especially in the area I wish to study, computer science.  The academic support for athletes was easily the best I encountered on all my visits.  All in all, I feel Tennessee has a great mix of academics and athletics, and that is why I am so excited to continue my education and athletic career there for the next few years!"


Abby and Clare Fischer on why they chose Xavier University


“The reason that we chose to attend Xavier University next year is because it has an excellent Pre-Med program, which is what we both would like to major in. We also liked the campus size, and the fact that Xavier is only a few hours away from home because then our family will still be able to come watch us race. Also, Coach Nester seems like a great coach and we felt like we would fit in on the team at Xavier after meeting a few of the runners while visiting. Xavier University seems like a great place to get a college education because of its high academic caliber, and the sense of community we felt when we were on the campus. We will miss high school a lot, but look forward to going to Xavier next year.”



Dustin Brode on why he chose Harvard University


"I chose Harvard for a number of reasons.  The cardinal reason for my choice is the superb education I will receive at one of the world’s highest rated colleges.  Harvard is a school that will ensure I spend four years advancing myself in nearly every aspect of life.  The people there are very intelligent and friendly.  These two things combined are crucial in the building of many close relationships, which I am anticipating.  I feel like I already have a few important relationships with the coaching staff and the athletes.    

The setting and history of the school are an important aspect of my decision.  Harvard being America’s first college and its rich past of notable graduates were things that really impressed me.  Harvard being right outside of Boston is something that guarantees the full college experience and that I will never be bored.  The city of Boston has so much history and is teeming with life. Coming from a small town, I can’t wait to go out and sample “big city” life.  I love the fact that there will always be something new to experience.  All of these things combined make for a college experience I can look back on with absolutely no regrets."


Carson Britton on why he chose Mississippi State University


“I chose to continue my athletic and academic careers at Mississippi State University for many different reasons.  When I first stepped foot on campus, I knew MSU was right for me.  The coaches, Coach Dudley and Coach Franks, not only want to make me the best runner I can be, but also the best person I can be. They have a great future depicted for the team as well as each individual athlete.  The team was great.  I felt more comfortable with this team than any of the others I met on my visits.  Not only is Mississippi State great in athletics, but the University is also recognized for their strong science programs.  I plan on majoring in kinesiology.  

Coach Dudley and Coach Franks have coached many All-Americans, so I know they can train me to the best of my ability.  I am very excited to attend Mississippi State!  Go Bulldogs!


Amber Smith on why she chose the University of Michigan


“"Why Michigan?" has been the most popular question since I made it known that I would be attending "that school up north", as most Ohioans refer to it.  Here is "why Michigan":  The University of Michigan is an all-around exemplary school, excelling in academic standings as well as achieving great athletic accomplishments.  As I will be majoring in Industrial and Operation Systems Engineering, the fact that Michigan is the number seven ranked engineering college in the United States weighed heavy on my decision.  Also, the success of the Michigan women's track team in the Big Ten Conference Championships and in the NCAA championships made the choice even more obvious.  Not to mention, the 2009 top collegiate hurdler in the nation, Tiffany Ofili, is a direct product of the Michigan program. 


Another factor that influenced my decision was the family atmosphere and loving and light-hearted vibe that I got from the team and students of the school when I attended for my visit.  Finally, though distance was not a factor to me or my parents, but the two and a half hour drive from school to home is undoubtedly convenient.  This being said, The University of Michigan was a clear choice to me.


Aaron Dinzeo on why he chose California University of Pennsylvania



“I chose the California University of Pennsylvania simply because it was what felt right; it was instinct.  Upon learning of Cal U and what they have to offer as a school, I was extremely impressed; it seemed like a right fit to me from the get go.  Yet, I was patient, and took my time with what else was out there for me, but it always came down to gut a feeling that leaned toward Cal U.  I believe that training under coaches such as Daniel Caufield and Roger Kingdom will not only improve my running career, but will inspire me to push myself farther than I thought possible.  Coach Caufield and Coach Kingdom have done great things for the program at Cal U, taking impossible odds and turning heads along the way; a notable case in Chris Clark.  I'm extremely excited to join in the passion at Cal U and to make my debut as an NCAA athlete.” 


Jessica Molyet on why she chose the University of Cincinnati


When I was a freshman in high school I didn't even know what throwing was. I ended up trying it to condition for basketball and became good at throwing. I was really honored when Coach Seaton called me from University of Cincinnati and asked me to continue my track and field career there. I went on my visit and was really impressed with the coaches and training facilities. The campus and buildings are awesome. I really enjoyed talking to my future teammates as well. I plan to pursue a degree in Exercise Science and I know that is a really strong program there. I also chose UC because I know I will be able to make an impact on the team right away. I cannot wait to be a student-athlete at UC. I am really happy with my decision and I know that it is the right one. Coach Seaton is a good coach and very easy to get along with. Go Bearcats!



Chesna Sykes on why she chose the Ohio State University


"I chose to further my track career at The Ohio State University primarily because the nursing programs available are ranked nationally and academics are first and foremost to me at this time in my life.  During the recruiting process, when I made my visit, I felt at home with the track team and the overall environment.  I also felt running in the Big Ten Conference would provide the competition necessary for me to reach my athletic potential.


In addition, it is a goal to run in the Olympics.  My high school coach was an Olympian and Coach Dennis would be instrumental in assisting me in my future Olympic dreams as well.  Although the recruiting process was quite stressful, I am quite confident in my final decision and look forward to my athletic career at the Ohio State University."


Seth Butler on why he chose Colorado State University


“I chose to continue my education and track and field career at Colorado State University because it was a great fit for me.  I felt really accepted and comfortable there, when I was on my visit. I will be majoring in Business Marketing and they have a strong Business program. Also the Academic support they have is outstanding.


Of course I am going there to run as well and I clicked very well with the coaches, Coach Brain Bedard, the head coach and Bryan Berryhill, the mid-distance coach. Coach Berryhill is working on improving their middle-distance area and he was an 800m guy himself, running professionally for six years. He has the tools to propel me where I want to go and he was a big factor in making my choice. 


CharAnna Dixon on why she chose the University of Cincinnati


"I chose the University of Cincinnati because the UC track program focuses on the potential of the student athlete on and off the track.  When I visited the campus in the fall, Coach Wineberg arranged a meeting with a professor, and I was able to sit in her class. I saw the academic and athletic side of UC. I was very impressed with the academic support that athletes receive.  The University of Cincinnati’s track program offers a great opportunity to remain competitive while maintaining high academic standards."