Alumni Focus: John Carroll's Jamie Dailey

Jamie Dailey is a 2017 Bay graduate, who currently competes in cross country and distance track events for John Carroll University

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1) What have been some of the highlights of your college career to this point?   

Some of the highlights that I have experienced to this point is being an All-Conference runner in the OAC. For two years, I've been All-Conference in cross country and track this year. Having those accolades really motivated me and down the road, hopefully I can conquer some bigger accomplishments.  

2) Discuss the transition from high school competition to competing at the college level. What adjustments did you have to make in order to be as successful as possible?   

The transition from high school to college is known to be a difficult challenge. From an academic standpoint, professors demand more out of you in the classroom. That's what I have realized in my two years at John Carroll. To be successful at this level, it takes a lot of time and hard work to balance those classes and to just be organized. 

From an athletic perspective, my coaches introduced me to many pathways in order to get better at the sport that I didn't know about in high school. I think upgrading to that level is going to benefit me down the road if I want to continue the sport after college. Right now, focusing on the next two years is very important and getting into those habits will affect me in many ways. Overall, it's all about time management. You have to master those skills including balancing class and athletics, but also bringing in the skills I developed in high school has really guided me as a student / athlete. 

3) Tell us about your training regimen by giving a general overview of what goes into getting prepared for your next big event.   

Going into the week before a huge race, I like to prepare myself for any situation that I am being thrown at. Normal run days, workouts, whatever the case may be, that's the time to get down to business and work hard. Taking in those practices is just another opportunity to get better. It's going to take time, but the value of putting in the work is something that I want to take out of it.

Nutrition is a huge example. I need to know what my body can handle and just choosing the balance of foods and what feels right. Lastly, the little things. For me, I still need to improve on those habits, but foam rolling, stretching, core sessions, etc. is going to make you stronger and healthier. It's a routine that I value so much, as I know that we all can improve during that specific week.  

4) What athletic-based goals do you hope to accomplish during this upcoming year?   

The athletic-based goals that I hope to accomplish during this upcoming year is to be All-Conference in cross country, indoor, and outdoor track. Earning an OAC Conference Championship for the guys is something we talked about for so long. The guys have never won in cross country, so that's something we've been focusing on. Going more in depth and looking at the bigger goal, being All-Region and punching a ticket to Nationals is the big one.

In cross country, going to Nationals solo would be cool, but I want this team to secure an at-large bid if at all possible. Going as a team would not only be so much fun, but it would mean so much to the program and to our coaching staff. They prepared us for big events like this, so it's our turn to respond.

For track and field, running the long distance events at Nationals is something I want to be apart of. Overall, I want to receive All-American honors in those three seasons. It would mean a lot to me if I capture those big accolades. 

5) Do you have any advice that you can offer an incoming freshman on how to best deal with the higher level of competition they'll encounter at the college level? Also, what tips can you provide regarding the balance between training commitments and academic demands?   

The advice that I want to share for any incoming freshman who are looking to compete  in college at any level is to just have fun and do your best. Be yourself in all honesty. Something that has really benefited me is that I never really changed who I was in high school to college. Don't be afraid to ask questions! These coaches are here to help you be successful. Develop those relationships with your teammates because they are your friends and in the end, they want to see you compete and win. Your team is your family. There are going to be days when it's going to be hard and things just aren't going well. Something that always helps me is I remember why I am here. For the love of not only the sport, but the love of the school that it has brought you. Just remember why those coaches recruited you. 

Academically, get to know your professors. Visit their office hours for any help because once again, they want to see you strive in the classroom. Going into the balance of training commitments and academic demands, it's very important to master time management skills and being organized. Get a planner, dry-erase board, post-it notes, whatever it takes and just remind yourself of what is scheduled for that specific day. It makes life a lot easier and helpful. I am going to end with this. GET INVOLVED! You don't have to be involved in a sport at the college level. Join clubs, activities, etc. and just be apart of a great college experience. Choose what is best for you and choose something that you will love for the rest of your college experience.