Watch: Lindsay Stull Leads Five Under 5:10, Wins 1600

Lindsay Stull produced her third sub 5 minute effort over the 1600m distance this season at Akron on her way to a 1st place finish. 

The junior from Hilliard Davidson clocked a personal best time of 4:56.53 to outlast a deep field of distance specialists. Her performance stands as Ohio's top mark in 2020 for the straight 1600 and third overall when converting imperial 1 mile results. 

Watch the 1600 Section 1 contest from Saturday's Rubber City Open above and view additional meet content below. 

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1600 Section 1 

1Lindsay Stull11Hil. Davidson4:56.531
2Carina Napoleon11Thom. Worthington4:56.641
3Reilly Zink12Granville5:00.861
4Sophia Hoersten12Hil. Davidson5:07.621
5Halle Hamilton11Lexington5:09.111
6Brooke Garter12Kings5:10.491
7Kerri Walsh12Centerville5:10.741
8Sara Doughman10Kings5:14.291
9Faith Duncan11Lebanon5:16.321
10Caitlyn Jones9Franklin County5:17.631