Centerville's adidas Saturday Night Lights IV Preview **Updated with Coaches Instructions**

Note:  Coaches please look below the course map for more information about the meet and weather delay procedures


The fourth addition to the Saturday Night Lights is back with a new venue, date and a lot more of excitement.  The first three races were located at Watts Middle School in Centerville and were held on the first Saturday of the official cross country schedule in Ohio.  This year’s race is now on the 5th weekend of the season and located at The Centerville High School.  With the finish line and starting line being fully lit up by the football stadium lights the 2009 edition is expected to create even more excitement.  The actual finish line is on the field turf of the football fields 50 yard line for all of the races.


The 2009 edition also features twenty-five schools.   West Virginia will be represented by the #2 ranked Cabell Midland along with another school in WV named CovenantHigh School.  Representing Kentucky will be Villa Madonna, Butler, Grant Local, Notre Dame Academy, Conner High School (#2 KY team) and Eastern High School


Men’s Racing Competition


In state team competition also proves to be solid, with perennial Cleveland power Chardon High School that has produced some of the best high school boy runners in the state with All Americans Emil Heiniking (now running for Virginia) and Luke Grau (now running for Penn).  Westerville Central currently ranked #14 on OHRunners state rankings, will represent the Columbus area with 5 guys under 17:05 and 3 guys under 16:30 on their roster.  Cincinnati power Lakota West currently ranked #19 in OHRunners state rankings will be lead by three solid runners Aaron Gehring, JJ Webber and Brady Holmer.  Division 2 state runner-up in 2008 Tipp City Tippecanoe is in a rebuilding year, but still ranked #2 in the state D2 poll with 2 solid seniors and 2 stud freshmen runners (ranked #38).  The two best teams in the Dayton area in 2009 go head to head with Kettering Fairmont (ranked #29) and Beavercreek (ranked #40).  Host Centerville (ranked #47) has finished #6 in the state in 2006, #2 in 2007 and #8 in 2008.  The 2009 season is a rebuilding year for the host school as it graduated 43 seniors last year.  Other schools in contention will be Clinton Massie, Tecumseh, Newark Catholic and Cincinnati power KingsHigh School.


 Individually, the race looks to be a great race for all state runner Doug Norris from Vandalia-Butler High School leading the way.  Fairmont's Brandon O'Malley has a solid senior campaign by winning the Lebanon Invite in 16:00 and placing in the top 20 at the prestigious Michigan State Spartan Invite.  Tippecanoe's Kevin Fink with a 16:09 also will be in the mix.  Lakota West should also have three solid runners in the top ten of this race.


Virtual Meet of the boy’s race.


Course Map:


 Coaches Information:

Schedule of Events:   

3:00 pm Check-in starts for teams

3:40 pm 4th Grade and under half mile

3:50 pm 5th & 6th grade girls Mile

4:10 pm 5th & 6th grade boys Mile

4:30 pm Jr. High Girl’s 2Mile

4:55 pm Jr. High Boy’s 2Mile

5:20 pm Awards Ceremony Junior High

5:25 pm H.S. Women’s Open 5k

6:00 pm H.S. Men’s Open- 5k

6:35 pm H.S. Women’s top 10 Reserve Team Race

7:10 pm H.S. Men’s top 10 Reserve Team Race

7:40 pm H.S. Women’s D2 and D3 -5k

8:15 pm H.S. Men’s D2 and D3- 5k

8:45 pm Award Ceremony- D2 and D3

8:50 pm H.S. Women’s D1 -5k

9:25 pm H.S. Men’s D1- 5k

9:50 pm Award Ceremony for D1 Boys and Girls


Here are some general guidelines and rules for the meet.  This meet was able to move from the middle school to the high school on guidelines from the athletic department, school, Miami Valley Hospital (which owns the farm) and the farmer (whose crops are still growing on the farm).


1.      The high school is one-way traffic of 2 lanes of traffic going around the high school.  Please turn into the first entrance, about 100 feet after South Johanna Drive on your right.  The second entrance to the high school is an exit only.  It comes up quick, so please advise your bus drivers.

2.      Busses and school vans need to unload in the back of the school by the bell tower and drop off the athletes.  The busses and vans will be directed to park in the front of the school diagonally from a parent volunteer.

3.      Team Camps are to be in 2 areas only:

a.       First- by the bell tower right when you unload your bus anywhere outside the fence (this is recommended)

b.      Second- On the back football practice field behind the baseball field.

4.      Team check in is at the bell tower at a table and a tent.

a.       In your packet you will have

                                                               i.      Numbers, chips and safety pins.

                                                             ii.      A Course map

                                                           iii.      A SNL program

                                                           iv.      2 Meal tickets for your coaches

                                                             v.      2 passes for the infield

5.      The entire course will NOT be open to run all evening.  This is due to safety issues of the athlete running the race and the athlete walking or jogging the course.  Please advise your athletes to try and abide by this policy. 

                                                               i.      The starting line and the practice fields will be open for warm-ups all evening.  Once a race starts this part of the course will remain unused except the first 1200 meters of each race.  The course was designed this way for warm-up and easy starting areas.

                                                             ii.      The farm will only be available to run before 6pm.  After 6pm please advise your athletes not to run or walk on the farm area.  The farm is also not school property.  Stay away from the farmhouse and soybean fields.  All damage to crops will be a liability to each athlete. 

6.      The rented light towers need to be clear of spectators and team camps.  Please advise your athletes no horseplay around the light towers.

7.      Track and field turf areas

a.       Again these are off limits all evening except for the athletes running the race and the 2 coaching passes in your packet.  We want to keep this area clear of athletes and fans for optimal viewing of the spectator.   Please advise your athletes that they are not allowed to be in these areas.

b.      Since the race crosses through the track area 3 different times and runs on the field turf we ask your athletes not to wear any spike over 3/8 of an inch.

c.       Athletes and fans may sit in the stands to view most of the races.

8.      Necklaces and bracelets

a.       We have a special exemption from OHSAA to allow glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets for these races.  No other jewelry is allowed to be worn and no other glow in the dark attire may be worn except for necklaces and bracelets. 

9.      Underneath the stadium

a.       Entry into the stadium is free for all spectators

b.      Food is located under the stands

c.       T-shirts- cotton for $10, dri-fit for $15 and long sleeve for $20 will be sold under the stands across from the concession area

d.      Glow-in the dark necklaces and bracelets will be for sale for athletes and spectators in the t-shirt area too.

10.  Restrooms

a.       Are located underneath the stands for your convenience

11.  Trainers will be available.

12.  Awards

a.       Top 10 in each race will receive an Adidas backpacks in the chute area if this is capable.  We are using a corral system due to chip timing, so this may not be possible with the runners coming in quickly.  Originally we were promised t-shirts for awards but Adidas decided to give us the backpacks instead.

b.      Top 5 in each race will receive a trophy on the victory stand on the homestretch of the track during each awards ceremony.

c.       Top teams also will receive trophies on the award stand on the track during the award ceremonies.

13.  Extras

a.       Sound system- we will have music aired and a race announcer in the press box for all races.

b.      Scoreboard- accurate race times will try to be available on the football scoreboard.  Other functions on the big screen may also be used if permitted.


14.  Adidas and Runners Plus

a.       Will have a tent by the Bell Tower with new 2010 shoes to look at

b.      They will also be selling shoes and clothing in these tents.

c.       They will also have some free Adidas items to give away so tell your athletes to stop by this area.


15.  Weather

a.       We will use all OHSAA rules regarding lightning and thunder delays.  Officials will make the call for delays.  Meet management is not in control of this.


b.      If solid rain creates puddles or flooding in areas the course may have to re-routed in areas.  We will try and create a new course map if this happens.  We are most worried about the starting line on the lower level practice football field because it tends to hold water.  The hill may also be a problem and will be deleted from the race if it is too wet and sloppy.  Overall, we will make changes for the safety of the athlete and to protect the integrity of the school grounds.


c.       If there is a prolonged weather delay due to lightning the meet management will combine certain races.  Awards for all original races have already been purchased and will be given out regardless if races are combined.  The meet schedule will look more like this:


                                                              i.      Jr. High Girls 2 Mile

                                                           ii.      Jr. High Boys 2 mile

                                                         iii.      Reserve/Open Girls 5k-combined races

                                                          iv.      Reserve/Open Boys 5k-combined races

                                                            v.      Girls Varsity Race-combined small school and large school race

                                                          vi.      Boys Varsity Race-combined small school and large school race


16.  Most importantly have fun!

a.       This race was inspired in 2005 for the enjoyment of the athlete and spectator.  The most important part of the evening is for the athlete to enjoy the experience and to have a great race.  Please let us know if there is anything we can improve upon to help the enjoyment process of your athletes.  This is intended to be athlete, coach and spectator friendly.