State Meet Poll Results: Triple Jump Earns The Nod

(Sanai Lynch shown during triple jump competition at the 2019 Wayne Invitational

Earlier this week, we asked what event you'd like to see added to the existing line-up at Ohio's outdoor state meet.

Following the north of 2,250 votes that were cast, triple jump with over 26% of the count (593 in total) took the nod, albeit narrowly. Trailing close behind was the 5,000m Run at 22.41% (507 votes) with the javelin throw occupying the 3rd spot at 14.59% (330 votes). 

While, of course, this doesn't mean that the TJ will be added to the next installment of the end-of-season showcase, it does give a sense of what the appetite is if there ever was to be an expansion of events. 

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

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