MileSplit OH Seeking 'Alumni Focus' Submissions

(2016 Marysville grad, Alec Sandusky, who went on to represent the Northern Kentucky University Norse, participated in last year's series

We're excited to bring back our 'Alumni Focus' series this summer, where we'll be publishing a collection of print and video interviews of Ohio-based high school graduates who've gone on to compete at the college level. 

This opportunity is applicable to cross country and / or track and field athletes, who are current collegians. We're interested to know how things have gone for you, competition-wise, after you departed the high school ranks and one of the goals with this initiative is for you to impart some knowledge and provide advice to incoming college freshmen, so that they can make a sleek and successful transition upon their arrival on campus.   

* What do you need to do in order to participate? 

See the 'Alumni Focus' questionnaire embedded below. Fill out your responses and send them in or, alternatively, be a call in guest to our MileSplit Ohio podcast and you can share your messages via video interview. 


* Notes: 

  • If you're taking the written responses route, please edit your answers carefully prior to submission.
  • Responses can be delivered in the body of an e-mail, a Google document or an attached Pdf document.
  • If you're interested in capitalizing on the video interview option, contact the site editor through e-mail and set-up arrangements will be made. 
  • Remember that we require a competition-based photo to use as our article cover. 

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