Senior Salute: Featuring 2021 High School Grads

(Division II competitors at the OHSAA State Championships

Over the next few weeks we'll be celebrating the accomplishments of Ohio's 2021 graduating class through our annual Senior Salute Series!

The series is open to Ohio's graduated seniors, who participated in cross county and / or track and field. We want to provide an opportunity for you to share the details of your high school journey by going through the highlights, the set-backs, what you learned through competition and who you'd like to thank. Plus we want to hear about your plans and aspirations moving forward. 

A standard questionnaire is embedded below and can be used as a guide. You can submit responses to the questions that resonate. Feel free to exclude questions that don't pertain to you and be sure to write additional questions / answers that you'd like to include. Conversely if you'd prefer to join us for a video interview to tell your story, that is also an option. 

If you opt for the written approach, please edit your answers carefully prior to submission. Also, please include a competition-based photo of yourself that we can use as our article cover. 

Senior Salute Questionnaire