By The Numbers: Angela Bizzari Mile

Photo by Aiden Belanger

Things have really started to ramp up here in the Buckeye State as the OHSAA Outdoor Track and Field has begun to hit the latter stages of the season with state qualifying competitions set to start taking place this week.

This doesn't mean that people will start dropping big performances however, as this has been happening all spring.

One of Ohio's premier competitions, the Mason Rod Russell Invite, is certainly no exception to this statement, as we saw in the Angela Bizzari One Mile Run, where the current rankings for the 1600m got rewritten completely.

Additionally, many personal bests were set on both sides along with the boy's potentially having one of the fastest fields in the history of the meet.

By the Numbers - Personal Bests

See below for the list of personal bests that were set at the competition last weekend; ascending based on improvements when comparing previous personal bests to the new 1600m personal bests set in the race enroute to the full Mile.

As for the changes to the meet records list for the event:

Ben Gabelman - 2nd
Drew Zundell - 3rd
Calvin Kilgallon -  4th
Connor Long - 7th
Max Liao - 8th
Lucas Towne - 10th


athletePREVIOUS pbNEW pbimprovement
Landen Eyre - Whiteoak4:21.754:19.961.79
Luke Bowlsby - Steele4:15.314:12.682.63
Reilly Meyer - Lak. East4:27.384:24.273.11
Ben Gabelman - Wester. North4:08.494:05.243.25
Charles Payne - Lakewood4:16.954:12.584.37
Connor Long - Anthony Wayne4:13.114:08.724.39
Blake Gibbs - Lak. East4:27.434:23.004.43
Samuel Darmanie - Springboro4:19.634:15.154.48
Nicholas Dunn - Badin4:25.034:17.877.16
Lucas Towne - Turpin4:16.824:09.297.53
Calvin Kilgallon - Lebanon4:15.264:07.268.00
Daniel Emmert - Centerville4:18.824:09.709.12
Michael Dellasanta - Wester. North4:23.914:14.719.20
Max Liao - Mason4:18.284:08.739.55
Caden Ozbun - Dub. Coffman4:22.044:10.1211.92
Cameron Bettinger - Walnut Hills4:35.014:22.9312.08


ATHLETEPrevious PBNEW PBimprovement
Bridget McKee - Turpin5:08.885:08.520.36
Lainey McComb - Wester. North5:52.215:50.511.70
Amane Ohhashi - Lak. West5:43.145:41.251.89
Sarah Peer - Westlake5:02.015:00.101.91
Addison Stephens - Mason5:12.785:10.861.92
Shayda Hart - Centerville5:36.535:34.182.35
Ashley Alsko - Hil. Davidson5:13.535:11.122.41
Brooke Wilson - Lak. East5:40.695:37.832.86
Ella Smith - Springboro5:29.745:25.514.23
Samantha Erbach - Waynesville4:58.744:54.064.68
Hannah Glassmeyer - Lebanon5:10.605:05.385.22
Kara Bergeron - Granville5:08.945:03.515.43
Molly Deardorff - Lak. East5:17.375:11.346.03
Helen Randolph - Dub. Jerome5:22.165:15.836.33
Anna Feeney - Loveland5:49.715:42.906.81
Grace Saylor - Mercy McAuley6:01.025:53.397.63
Kaitlyn Reese - Avon5:04.214:55.938.28
Auna Korostyshevsky - Mason5:46.395:37.618.78
Natalie Kiefer - Harrison5:08.384:58.709.68
Allie Martin - Turpin5:43.185:28.4414.74
Natalie Fouts - Dub. Jerome5:22.205:06.6615.54
Carlie Condit - Mason5:28.105:10.8317.27
Rachael Hoover - Fairbanks5:20.335:02.3018.03
Meredith Drylie - Centerville5:42.035:22.2219.81
Alynna Wilson - Lebanon5:33.235:11.0222.21
Kendal Erbach - Waynesville5:49.325:15.7833.54