2010 OHSAA State Cross Country Championship Preview

Five individual state champions are returning to defend their titles, led by Zach Wills who is going for his third straight D1 championship. All six divisional teams are returning to defend their titles with D1 Magnificat going for their fourth straight title, and Woodridge boys will be going for their fifth straight title.


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Division 1

Boys Qualyfing Teams OATCCC Division Rankings 10/28/10 OHRunners
Overall Rankings
Girls Qualifying Teams OATCCC Division Rankings 10/28/10 OHRunners
Overall Rankings
 Louisville  6  10  N. Canton Hoover  6  17
 Walsh Jesuit  17  35  Hudson  5  13
 Hudson  18  34  Louisville  9  18
 Solon  NR  55  Mentor  13  21
 Medina  2  2  Magnificat  1  2
Cle. St. Ignatius  5  7  Strongsville  19  9
 Tol. St. Francis  14  9  Brusnwick  8  10
 Avon Lake  NR  16  Sylvania Northview  10  5
 Wester. North  10  13  Tol. Notre Dame  3  3
 Reynoldsburg  11  8  Perrysburg  15  8
 Dublin Coffman  7  3  Dublin Coffman  7  1
 New Albany  13  15  Hilliard Davidson  14  16
 Cin. LaSalle  1  1  Mason  2  4
 Cin. Elder  3  4  Springboro  4  12
 Mason  4  6  Kings Mills Kings  NR  31
 Cin. St. Xavier  9  11  Cin. St. Ursula  23  29


Boys Division 1

Individual Runners Not on Qualifying Teams

Zach McBride, Pain. Riverside;  Nick Pupino, Copley; Josh Sabo, Richfield Revere, Sal Delguidice, Macedonia Nordonia; Nick Hall, Stow-Monroe Falls; Tommy Lewis, North Canton Hoover[  Pat Osborne, Macedonia Nordonia;  Alec Hernandez, North Canton Hoover;Russell McCune, Wadsworth;  James Kraus, maumee;  Dan Zupan, Berea;  Willy Fink, Maumee;  Nick Jackosky, Lakewood;  Greg Turissini, Tol. St. John;  Kevein McKown, Sylvania Northview; Jack St. Marie, Westlake;  Wes Cochran, Vincent Warren;  Brandon Shirey, Westerv. Central;  Luis Carbajal, Dublin Scioto;  Micah Armbrust, Sunbury Big Walnut;  Chris Quinn, Co. St. Charles;  Jarrod Genther, Canal Winchester;  Chadd Kiggins, Day. Carroll;  Jordan Redd, Fairborn;  Josh Steible, Centerville;  Cody Lacewell, Cin. Oak Hills;  Jack Butler, Cin. St. Xavier;  Nick Vogele, Cin. Anderson;  Antony Parnigoni, Cin. Turpin;  J.J. Weber, West Chester;  Jesse Moreno, Riverside Stebb.


OHRunners Team Predictions

 Medina is the pick to win the title in a close race over LaSalle.  Why?  On the strength of their number 3-4 runners.  Medina is led by senior David Knack who was 3rd in regionals, followed by Kevin Paradise, Brent Gaither and Brad Palocko.  The three finished 12,13 & 14 at regionals separated by 5 seconds.  Medina's 5th man, Robert Robinson was not far behind finishing 22nd, 15 seconds back of Palocko.  LaSalle won the Troy region behind the strength of Ethan Bokeno who placed 2nd, 34 seconds behind defending state champion Zack Wills of Mason.  The Troy region was fast, with 4 runners under 16 minutes and the LaSalle runners ran 2, 8, 10, 17 and 19.  The spread between their 2nd runner, Travis Hawes, who placed 8th and the 3rd runner, Alex Thiery, 10th, was only 2 seconds. The 4th and 5th runners, Kevin Kluesener and Drew Michel were only 1 second apart, but 16 seconds back of Hawes, That gap may make the difference at Scioto Downs.

The 3rd place team will likely be Louisville, led by Curtis Hanle.  Hanle has experience, placing 9th last year, but Louisville's depth in the 2nd through 5th spots will help them finish in the top quarter of teams.  Elder, Westerville North and Reynoldsburg will be vying for the 4th team spot, with Westerville North likely edging Elder for the 4th spot.  Mason, led by Zach Wills, may challenge for the 4th spot, but will need their 3rd through 5th runners to run together and cross the line with only a few seconds spread.  A lot can happen in just a few seconds at State.


Ten Individuals to Watch


School Name School
1. Zach Wills** Mason 6. John Sweeney Cle. St. Ignatius 
2. Mike Wallace Sylvania Northview  7. Tisehaye Hiluf Reynoldsburg 
3. Curtis Hanle Louisville 8. Jeff Hannaford Westerville North
4. Brian Hannaford Westerville North  9. Ethan Bokeno Cin LaSalle 
5. Chadd Kiggins Carroll 10. David Knack Medina


Girls Division 1

Individual Runners Not on Qualifying Teams

 Deanna Godby, Mayfield; Marie Lorentz, Mayfield; Therese Haiss, Solon;  Katie Betts, Stow-Monroe Falls;  Krista Roehlig, Green;  Stacy Cmeron, Massilon Perry;  Jen Fockler, Canton GlenOak;  Kauren Scourfield, Cutahoga Falls;  Corinne Kule, Chardon;  Erin Cullen, Shaker Heights;  Maddie Schuler,  Massillon jackson;  Hannah Neczyor, North Royalton;  Anna Boyert, Medina;  Shaina Corbin, Ashland;  Shakita Kabicek, Middleburg Hts.; Emily Johnson, Amherst Steele; Miranda DiBiasio, Berea; Olivia Menden, Upper Arlington;  Dorrian Jaffe,  Upper Arlington;  Megan Csehi, Oregon Clay;  Katlyn Llewellyn, Perrysburg;  Andrea Alt, Perrysburg;  Mirra Galbreath, New Albany;  Morgan Reichert, Pataskala;  Kristen Eisenhauer, Pick. North;  Daitlyn Willette, Dublin Jerome;  Erin Gyurke;  Michelle Thomas, Cin. Glen Este;  Claudia Saunders, Cin. Princeton;  Samantha Siler, Cin. Sycamore;  Sydney Leiher, Beavercreek; Jasmine Redman, New Carlisle;  Jacquely Crow, Lebanon;  Kelly Burrows, Liberty Twp.;  Allison Steinbeck, Cin. Colerain;  Amanda Shelby, West Chester;  Kristen Seiler, Cin. Colerain.


OHRunners Team Predictions

Magnificat has reloaded and is set to capture it's 3rd straight D1 title.  They are led by Senior Katherine Stultz who placed 3rd in Regionals and Junior Abigail Marquard,  5th in Regionals and last years 20th place State finisher.  Their 3rd and 5th runners are both sophomores, Katherine Kerr and Macy Walker.  Their 4th runner is Senior Laura Hagan.  It may come down to how Hagan and Walker finish. At Regionals they were separated by about 15 seconds and 24 seconds back of Kerr.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th spots will  be up for grabs between Mason, Tol. Notre Dame and Perrysburg.  Notre Dame edged Perrsyburg by 1 point in the Pickerington Regional. Mason dominated the Troy Region.  However, the 2nd place nod will go to Mason for the strength of their 2-5 runners.  In the Troy Region they were separated by only 24 seconds.  Mason is led by Junior Monica Lake, who was 3rd in Regionals.  Senior Jessica  Harrison was 19th.  Junior Bridget McElhenny was 20th, just 3 seconds back of Harrison.  Sophomore Tori Martin and Junior Mackenzie Jensen were 23rd and 24th, separated by 3 seconds and only 15 seconds  behind their 3rd place teammate.  Notre Dame should take the 3rd spot led by Junior Alexandra Aughenbaugh who was 3rd in the Pickerington Regional.  Perrysburg may challenge Notre Dame, but in all likelyhood will finish 4th.  Strongsville and Brunswick battled each other for 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Tiffin Regional and will be challenged by Dublin Coffman for the 5th spot.


Ten Individuals to Watch


School Name School
1. Hannah Neczypor North Royalton 6. Sarah Mazzei Cin. St. Ursula
2.  Anna Boyert Medina 7. Katherine Stultz Magnificat
3. Michelle Thomas Glen Este 8. Selena Pasadyn Brunswick
4. Claudia Saunders Cin. Princeton 9. Caroline Sauers Hudson
5. Katie Betts Stow-Munroe Falls 10. Jessica Hoover Hilliard Davidson



Division 2

Boys Qualyfing Teams OATCCC Division Rankings 10/28/10 OHRunners
Overall Rankings
Girls Qualifying Teams OATCCC Division Rankings 10/28/10 OHRunners
Overall Rankings
 Penn Woodridge  1  2  St. Vin.-St. Marys  1  1
 St. Vin.- St. Marys  2  3  Penn. Woodridge  4  17
 Marlington  12  13  N.D. -Cath. Latin  NR  23
 N.D. - Cath. Latin  10  18  Mantua Crestwood  18  26
 Avon  3  1  Rocky River  3  2
 Elyria Catholic  4  7  Lexington  8  4
 Bay Village  6  6  Coldwater  5  3
 Lima Shawnee  13  16 Maumee   7  7
 St. Clairsville  9  4  Granville  9  10
 Granville  11  11  Col. Bexley  NR  40
 Uhrich. Claymont  NR  9  Minerva  NR  7
 Dover  NR  22  St. Clairsville  15  24
 Chill. Unioto  5  5  Kett Arch Alter  2  6
 Spring. Shawnee  7  8  Spring. Greenon  10  11
 Kett Arch Alter  8  12  Chill. Zane Trace  20  18
 Brookville  16  15  Tippecanoe  14  12


Boys Division 2

Individual Runners Not on Qualifying Teams

Matt Peters, Canal Fulton; Chris Kanto, Jefferson Area; Drake Lohnes, West Branch; Nathan rosenbaum, Orrville; Michael Dober, Benedictine; Steven Weaver, Napoleon; Abel Flores, Defiance; Ryan Gallagher, Buckeye; Eric Stoddard, Rocky River, Evan Bialosky, Padua Franciscan; Augustine Kazek, Black River; Jared Fleming, Van Wert; Michael Becker, Wauseon; Zak Geiger, John Glenn; Kevin Swartz, London; Cully Gordon, West Holmes; Joey Montoya, East Knox; Wyatt Uresti, River Valley-Caledonia; Joey Harter, Carrollton; Nathanael Boyer, East Liverpool; Austin Butler, Bloom-Carroll; Lucas Nezbeth, Minerva; Brendan Walburn, Lakewood-Hebron; Ethan Widder, River View; Todd Hewitt, Eaton; Sam Wharton, Tippecanoe; Matt Watts, Gallia Academy; Jake Stephes, Bellbrook; Tanner Mattie, Proctorville; Jeremy Ruppert, Franklin; Josh Moulton, Oakwood; John McDonald, McClain; Nate Orndorf, Bellefontaine; Jon McMaken, Graham Local; Rob King, Miami Trace; Timmy Hall, New Richmond.


OHRunners Team Predictions

Woodridge is going for their fifth straight Cross Country title, which put them second in record books for most consecutive Cross Country championships in the state of Ohio (Caldwell won 8 consecutive titles from 1985-1992).  Woodridge is the favorite to capture the title this year.  They have the experience of knowing what needs to be done to win the title, a senior laden group (4 of top 5 are seniors) as well as the fact that they have the tightest pack, with only a 1 through 5 spread of about 35 seconds. That is a tight pack for any high school team and should be enough to hold off the competition.


Trying to dethrone Woodrdige will be St. Vincent-St. Mary (who Woodrdge has beaten the past two weeks), Avon, Unioto and Elyria CatholicSt. Vincent-St. Mary has seen Woodridge the past two weekends and is the biggest threat to Woodridge if Woodridge stumbles.  St. Vincent-St. Mary is another senior dominated group, with four of their seven graduating at the end of the school year, and has a 1 through 5 spread of right around a miniute.  St. Vincent-St. Mary will need a time drop from their 4 and 5 runners to be able to knock off WoodridgeAvon is another team that will be looking to steal the big trophy from WoodridgeAvon has a sold top four runners and if one of their other runners can have a breakthrough performance, Avon might just make the team podium.  Look for St. Vincent-St. Mary to finish second, just ahead of Avon.  The fourth and fifth place teams will be close between Unioto and Elyria Catholic.  Both teams are very similar, they have a true number one runner with a PR around 15:30, their second runner is around 15:45, their 3-5 runners all have PRs around 17:00.  The fourth place team will be whichever team has a tight pack 3-5 pack at the end of the race.


Ten Individuals to Watch


School Name School
1.  Michael Brajdic* Bay 6. Vibushan Sivakumara Woodridge
2.  Adrian Ross Unioto 7. Abel Flores Defiance
3. Steven Weaver Napoleon 8. Sam Wharton Tippecanoe
4. Dan Kuhman Elyria Catholic 9. Todd Hewitt Eaton
5.  Zak Geiger John Glenn 10. Tyler Kvach



Girls Division 2

Individual Runners Not on Qualifying Teams

Abbie Clifford, Perry; Christina Blair and Mallory Myers, CVCA; Melinda Renuart and Moe Sinko, Walsh Jesuit; Destiny Cosentino, Field; Alexa Rick, Elyria Catholic; Sydnie Fetherolf, Norwalk; Erica Monnin, Napoleon; Adrienne Phol, Lima Shawnee; Ericka Hosang, Bellevue; Hannah Fleck, Celina; Kia Frank, Oak Harbor; Sarra Taylor, London; Hannah Campbell, River Valley-Caledonia; Mindy Snyder, Harrison Central; Lauren Paul, West Muskingum; Lincoln Green, Big Walnut; Kelsey Cogan, Carrollton; Sarah Kaufman, Zanesville; Sophie Chatas, Columbus School for Girls; Megan Roessler, Maysville; Elizabeth Heinback, Indian Hill; Peyton Adkins and McKenna Warner, Gallia Academy; Katie Ollier, Carroll; Emily Stites, Wyoming; Halle Richards, Warren; Aubrey Richardson, Clinton-Massie; Nicole Klimkowski, Milton-Union; Stephanie Cleland, Springfield Northwestern; Emily Richmond, Roger Bacon; Courtney Swink, Brookville.


OHRunners Team Predictions

St. Vincent-St. Mary will look to capture back to back championships, and if their Regional peorformance is any indication, in which they scored a measly 48 points and put their top five runners in the top 16 spaces, the Catholic girls from Akron are ready to hoist the big trophy again.  The St. Vincent-St. Mary's girls team is the only team in Division 2 to have five runners crack the 20 minute mark in a race this season.  St. Vincent-St. Mary's biggest challenge will come from Rocky RiverRocky River has a young team, with only one senior running at the state meet, but that didn't hurt them from securing a 24 point victory at the Tiffin Regional meet.   For Rocky River to climb the podium, they will need their 4 and 5 runners to close the one minute gap to their third runner. 


Look for Alter and Lexington to fight it out for third, fourth and fifth place.  Out of these two teams, Alter has the tightest pack, with just a little over a minute seperating their 1 through 5 runners, and the everyone knows that a tight pack helps at the horse track.  Lexington's pack may not be as tight as Alter's but they do have a runner that could challenge for an individual state title in Mattie MoncayoLexington's 2-4  and Alter's 1-4 match up pretty similarly, so with the low score coming from Moncayo of Lexington, look for Lexington to finish third and possible even sneak onto the team podium if either St. Vincent-St. Mary or Rocky River have an off day.


Ten Individuals to Watch


School Name School
1.  Christian Blair* CVCA 6. Maria Moore Woodridge
2.  Jamie Perzanowski St. Clairsville 7. Abbie Clifford Perry
3.  Mattie Moncayo Lexington 8. Maria Arnone St. V-St. M
4. Taylor Hatfield Zane Trace 9. Christina Seas Coldwater
5.  Peyton Adkins Gallia Academy 10.  Sarra Taylor London


Division 3

Boys Qualyfing Teams OATCCC Division Rankings 10/28/10 OHRunners
Overall Rankings
Girls Qualifying Teams OATCCC Division Rankings 10/28/10 OHRunners
Overall Rankings


 47  St. Thomas   7  3
 McDonald  3  59  Gilmour Acad.  15  11
 Trinity  10  104  McDonald  5  15
 Berkshire  4  82  Court. Maplewood  14  16
 Delta  2  31  Liberty Center  9  4
 Elmwood  6  53  Ashland Crestview  4  6
 New Riegel  16  81  Attica Seneca East  11  10
 Hopewell-Loudon  22  80  Liberty-Benton  6  5
 Liberty Union  7  73  Galion Northmor  12  9
 Ironton  NR  110  Fredericktown  16  14
 St. John Central  18  74  Grandview Hts  18  26
 Northmor  NR  178  Johnstown-Monroe  19  20
 Cincinnati Summit Country Day  NR  165  West Liberty-Salem  2  2
 St. Henry  12  60  Minster  1  1
 Covington  NR  118  Russia  8  8
 Russia  11  130  Versailles  3  7

Boys Division 3

Individual Runners Not on Qualifying Teams

Drew Trusty, Mohawk; Ryan Roush and Tim Nichols, South Range; Josh Schleappi, East Canton; Cory Glines and Maurice Kirksey, St. Thomas Aquinas; Wyatt Hartman, Maplewood; Denny Hanreck, Smithville; Jonathan Albaugh, New London; Mike Seas, Coldwater; Darrell Randall, Fayette; Matthew Herron, Bluffon; Travis Burwell, Hilltop; Josh Seedorf, Liberty Center; Kyle Babcock, Lakota; Jake Graham, Columbus Grove; Zachary Alexander, Old Fort; Jim Kesner, Lima Central Catholic; Trevor Durnwald, St. Mary Central Catholic; Isaac Potes and Sean Kennedy, Fredericktown; Logan Kettlewell, Garaway; Breydon Gates, Belpre; Chris Burns, North Adams; Kody Wolf, Southern-Racine; Daniel Gardner, Paint Valley; Jon Hilscheimer, Columbus Academy; Brandon Magill, Huntington; Jake Hayes, Mt. Gilead; Wesley Lewis, Barnesville; Brandon Saling, Caldwell; Ryan James, Bellaire; Sam Prakel, Versailles; Clayton Murphy, Tri-Village; Kevin Lenhart, Spencerville; George Holman, Twin Valley South; William Stapleton, Dixie; Kevin Stewert, Emmanuel Christian Academy; Colin Wilson, West-Liberty Salem; Nick McAfee, Georgetown; Carret Gleckler, Crestview; Brian Austin, Mariemont; Holthaus, Houston.


OHRunners Team Predictions

This is looking like a two way race with a third team that could make some noise and shake things up a little bit.  The top two teams vying for big trophy at the horse track are Delta and IndependenceDelta has a nice mix of senior leadership and young talent.  Three of their top five are seniors, as well as their number six runner, the other three are comprised of one athlete from each class.  Independence is a slightly younger team with only two seniors running in the post season.  Independence will be the team with the target on their back, as they are the defending champions, but the nice thing for them is that they only had to fill two spots from their 2009 championship team.  Look for Independence to bring home the hardware due to knowing what it takes to win the big meet in November, but if Independence falters at all, Delta will be there to swoop in and take the crown.


The third spot will likely go to McDonald, who finished 39 points behind Independence at the Boardman regional.  McDonald has the tightest spread of the top three teams, with only 64 seconds separating their 1-5 runners.  If their top two runners can move up a little and pull the pack with them, McDonald will finish in the third spot, and even could sneak into the runner up position if either Delta or Indepence has an off day.  Fourth position is a toss up between Elmwood, Trinity and Berkshire.  Look for Elmwood to sneak in and grab the fourth spot, splitting the top four spots evenly between Regions 1 and 2.

Ten Individuals to Watch


School Name School
1.  Ryan Polman* Independence 6. Isaac Potes Fredericktown
2.  Drew Trusty Mohawk 7. Sam Prakel Versailles
3. Colin Cotton Cin. Summit Country Day 8. Nick Goebel Elmwood
4. Mike Seas Coldwater 9. Nick Gliha Trinity
5.  Colin Fisher Delta 10. Logan Kettlewell Garaway


Girls Division 3

Individual Runners Not on Qualifying Teams

Alexandra Markovich, Hawken; Annie Wise, Atwater Waterloo; Erin Moomaw, Smithville;  Emily Luli, Atwater Waterloo;  Emily Rast, North LIma;  Ashley Lydic, Columbiana; Sara Patterson, Burton Berskshire; Hanna Gerdes, Young. Ursuline;  Shayla Siefker, Ottoville;  Lacy Nagy, Elmore Woodmore;  Jessica Doepker, Kalida;  Cariss Reese, Kansas Lakota; Kylee Bernthisel, Tontogany Otsego;  Smantha Hofman, Gibsonburg;Julia Daniel, Sycamore Mowhawk;  Leah Wagoner, Tontogany Ostego;  Hannah McKibben, dfiance Ayersville;Mikaela Bush, Mt. Gilead;  Sunshine Wrenn, Martins Ferry;  Summer Gaib, Lancaster;  Victoria Holt, Centerburg;  Sarah Biehl, Beverly Fort Frye;  Elisha Manley, Piketon;  Taylor Hacker, ironton;  Jenna Furr, Caldwell; Jordyn Koch; Zoarville;  Bethany Norman, Xenia Christian;  Alanah Hall, Con. Country Day;  Meg Westerheide, Fort Loramie;  Marie Egbert, S. Char. South;  Allison Roeth, Houston;  Lois Miller, Yellow Springs;  Elle Sutter, Fort Recovery;  Lindsey Mead, Fair. Cincin;  Samantha Shook, Ansonia.


OHRunners Team Predictions

The girls D3 race will be one of the most competitive of the day.  St. Thomas Aquinas, Liberty Center and West-Liberty Salem will all vie for the title.  St. Thomas Aquinas won the Youngstown Regional behind the strength of Senior Julia Pusateri, 3rd and Sophomore Victoria Laubacher, 7th.  Their strength is in their 3rd, 4th and 5th runners who finished 23rd, 24th, and 26th, less than 4 seconds apart.  Liberty Center dominated the Tiffin Regional on the strength of their first three runners: Junior Chelsea Knapp, 4th;  Sophomore Kelly Haubert, 5th and Freshman Paige Chamberlain, 8th.   Their 4th and 5th runners were 32 seconds back of Chamberlain and separated by 15 seconds.  West-Liberty Salem led the way in a strong Troy Regional. West-Liberty Salem's strength is their grouping.  They are led by Sophomore's Meghan Vogel, 7th and Shawnda Henault, 9th. All 5 girls are separated by only 36 seconds.  They are a young and talented team with with their 3rd runner, Jordan Smith, a Sophomore, their 4th runner, Alyssa Strickland, a Freshman and their 5th runner, Jasmine Smith a sophomore.  Who will bring the title home?  It will be close, but West-Liberty Salem based upon the grouping of their young team will clam 1st followed closely by St. Thomas Aquinas and Liberty Center.

The 4th and 5th spots are up for grabs between Minster, Ashland Crestview, Russia, Gilmore Academy, Northmore, Attica Seneca East and Liberty Benton.  Northmor won the Pickerington Regional so they may be the favorite to take the 4th spot.  Gilmour was a close 2nd in the Youngstown Region behind St. Thomas Aquinas.  Crestview was 2nd in the Youngstown Region.  Either of these teams will capture the 5th spot., but they will be followed closely by Seneca East and Liberty Benton.  


Ten Individuals to Watch


School Name School
1.  Tammy Berger* Versailles  6. Alexandra Markovic Gates Mills Hawken 
2.  Hannah Stefanoff Col. Grandview  7. Bethany Norman Xenia Christian 
3. Shayla Siefker Ottoville  8. Alanah Hall Cin. Country Day 
4. Lacy Nagy  Elmore Woodmore 9. Brittany Stockmaster  Attica Seneca East
5. Emily Roberts Fredericktown  10. Meg Westerheide Fort Loramie 



Good luck to all teams and individuals that qualified to the State Championship.  Congratulations, you are a small percentage of runners in the state that will ever get a chance to experience what it is like to run at Scioto Downs.  Take in the experience from the infield, enjoy yourself and compete to the best of your abilities.