Anthony Young Ohio's D1 200m Champion

Anthony Young

Lakewood St. Edward 2013

Personal Bests

·         100 Meter Dash   10.72

·         200 Meter Dash   21.59

·         400 Meter Dash   49.41

·         55 Meter Dash       6.77

·         60 Meter Dash       6.90

·         Triple Jump         44-11


OHRunnersAnthony, when did you first start running? 

Anthony:  I started running AAU in the 3rd grade.

OHRunners:  Did you run in Middle School?  What events and times?

Anthony:  Open Door in Elyria 100-11.2 200-22.9 (Open Door is a small Christian school near Elyria Catholic)

OHRunners:  As a Freshman, you ran on St. Ed's 7th place 4x200 and 8th place 4x100.  What was that experience like for you?  How did running at State as a Freshman help you as a Sophomore?

Anthony:  It was a really good experience and running AAU was even better. I ran in front of 25000 people at AAU Nationals and it was just really good for me as a young rising runner.

OHRunners:  In the 2010 AAU Regionals, in the Intermediate Division, you won the 100m in 11.22 and the 200m in 22.87.   At Nationals, you placed 9th in the 100 with a 10.88 and 3rd in the 200 with a 21.96.  After winning the Regional’s, what were your expectations going into the Nationals and on running in front of, as you mentioned, that many spectators? Describe that experience?

Anthony:  I felt that I was ready for that meet especially since I had come so close to qualifying in the previous years. My training had got me to that point and I felt I did what I went out to do.  I fed off of all of those people. All of the 25,000 plus people screaming and yelling gave me an adrenaline rush that I had never felt before.  I know that I ran a lot better.  You want to perform your best in front of that many people.

OHRunners:  You are the defending Ohio D1 State champion in the 200m with a time of 21.59.  There were six underclassmen in that race, including Ohio State signee Donovan Robertson, one of the Nation's elite 110m and 300m hurdlers.  What were your anticipations going into the prelims and then the finals?

Anthony:  I knew going into the prelims that I had a chance to make the final. I also knew that I needed to focus on what got me there and to execute when the time came. Based on the prelims and after running a subpar 100 final, I was very determined to win the 200.

OHRunners:  Take us through that race from the start to the finish. In other words, break the race down for us?

Anthony:  The first thing I do before any race, while getting into the blocks, is pray to God to give me the strength to do my best. Before the gun, I took a deep breath and then listened for the gun. I reacted quickly to the gun, but as luck would have it, I stepped on a rock on my first step. When that happened, I felt a rush of adrenaline and kicked into another gear. I knew I was behind at that point. As we were coming down the stretch, I could see myself gaining on the leaders and I kept driving as hard as I could. We were neck and neck as we approached the finish line and I leaned at the right time and edged out my friend Donovan. I was so excited, that I kept on running around the turn then down into the infield.

OHRunners:  How do you view the 200m field this year with last year’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 9th place finishers all returning? Is there pressure on you to defend your title?

Anthony:  The field will be even stronger this year. Along with those guys, Shaun Crawford, one of the top middle school sprinters in the nation is at Ed’s now.  He’s my partner in crime in the 100 and 200. As an 8th grader he has run a 10.99 100m, a 22.5 200m and is a 22' long jumper.  I believe he is a national champ and record holder in all three for his age.   Everyone will be faster and stronger this year. If the weather holds up for everyone to get a good training season in, I expect the winning time to be at least 21.3. I don't feel pressure. I have always been taught to do the best I can and walk away satisfied knowing I did just that.

OHRunners:  In the 100m finals you were 4th, just .2 back.  You are the fastest returning undergraduate.  There were just three underclassmen in the 100.  How do you look at this year’s 100m?

Anthony:  My goal for this year is 10.4. I believe that will be good enough to win, but you never know. It will take hard work and discipline to achieve that goal.

OHRunners:  You won Districts last year in the 400m with a time of 49.63.  You did not run the 400 in Regionals?  Why was the decision made to not run the 400?

Anthony:  The weather was so bad last spring that I could not get the required training in to go after the 400.  I believe I am capable of running 47.4 this year. The way the State meet is run however, 200-400 runners are at a disadvantage. The races are too close to each other. Therefore, I have to pick one or the other. The meet officials should schedule the 2 races at least an hour apart. All it would take is adding a 20 minute break after the 400 and everything else would line up.

OHRunners:  What is your favorite event? Why?

Anthony:   I love the 200 meters. My running form caters more towards a 200-400 sprinter. My parents and coaches think I'm a natural 400 meter sprinter, but we all understand with the weather in Northern Ohio, it is hard to get the required training in to succeed.

OHRunners:  How would you describe yourself as a runner?  What makes Anthony tick?

Anthony:  I'm a very dedicated and hard worker. I love to keep it fun at practice clowning around with the coaches and my teammates. When it comes down to the actual training however, it is all business. I love my faith, my family, and my friends. I enjoy life every day. Together, it all makes up who I am.

OHRunners:  Do you do any weight training?  What do you do and how often?

Anthony:  Yes, because of the other sports, I have never had an off-season. This year, I decided to walk away from basketball and dedicate myself to track and football. I'm on a training cycle now that focuses on explosive endurance. That keeps my weight at a level that is good for my frame, but I keep getting stronger. The next year, I'll make significant gains now that I have off-season periods to train.

OHRunners:  You are no longer playing basketball and are concentrating on track. This includes running the Indoor season. So far, it appears that you are running well. On Jan 14th in Akron you won the 60 m in 6.95 and at Kent State on the 21st you won the 60m in 6.92 and the 400m in 50.59. These are both very good early season times. What are your goals for this indoor season?

Anthony:  In the 60, I’m trying to run 6.8 and change.  In the 200, I’d  to run 21.48.  I’d like to jump 46’ in the triple jump.

OHRunners:  How are you training for indoor? Are you running only indoors or are you combining some outdoor runs? What is a typical week of training for you indoor? Monday-Friday?

Anthony:  We have a program that we follow that my dad made for us.  The work out is the same for outdoor. We practice at Lincoln West HS.  They have a 220m track which is really good.  

OHRunners note:  Mike Young is an assitant coach and has been coaching for thirty years.

Mondays, we have our strength day of 800 and 600. Tuesday, we usually have a speed ladder of 100-200-300-400-300-200-100 and we do that two to three times. Wednesdays we have a quick sprint form type of day.  We run 15 x 100’s working on our form and technique.  Thursday is a block and baton day.  It’s short and sweet.  Fridays we have off for indoor but when outdoor starts we have practice on Fridays also.

OHRunners:  On Monday's, are you running more than one 800 or 600? What is pace and interval between repeats?

Anthony:  We have to run two of each at a pretty good pace and we get a 5 min break between each.

OHRunners:  What is interval on the speed ladders?

Anthony:  An interval for a speed ladder would be 3.5min

OHRunners:  What pace do you run your 100's at on Wednesdays?  How much interval?

Anthony:  I run them at about 80% and no break between them at all. You have to train your mind to do that.

OHRunners:  Anthony, you have set goals for yourself this year of 6.8 in the 60m, 21.48 in the 200m and 46’ in the Triple jump.  In regards to those time goals, could summarize your expectations for yourself in this year’s indoor and outdoor seasons? How will you achieve your goals?

Anthony:  I just want to work hard every day.   The fact that I stopped bball gave me three additonal months of training back.  That’s very big for me. I’m looking to win multiple championships this year and help to leading my team to our first ever team titles indoor or outdoor.

OHRunners:  Anthony.  Thank you so much for your time.   I know that your hard work and dedication will pay off, especially if the weather cooperates with us this Spring.  We will be watching for you and your St. Ed's team mates throughout the season.