Maple Leaf Track Club Thursday Night Invite #2 2013

Geneva, OH

Meet Information

Registration help:

Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.

** When one coach has already entered, and it seems as if you cannot enter the opposite gender.
1. Log into the system as you.
2. Go to the meet page and click the green Enter Online button.
3. The page you get says you're already entered, but click on the blue View/Edit entry link. That will take you to the meet entries page.
4. All of the entries you see on the page are girls (or vice versa) entries, so you need to click on the blue Edit Divisions Entered link on the right. Then click on the blue Enter link for the male division(or vice versa). That will open up the male entries. Then you can proceed to enter athletes into the events

Spire Thursday Evening Invitational - January 31st

Our goal is to create several indoor meets that would be similar to small outdoor invitationals with each team having up to 4 entrants per event and to finish the meets before 9:00 pm. To help ensure things run as smoothly as possible we want to invite teams with well organized programs. Up to 8 teams will be invited and entries will be restricted to just members of those teams. These meets will be considered qualifiers for the OATCCC Indoor Championship.

Event order for meet on January 31st

5:30 PM - Field Events
Long Jump - Open Pits
High Jump - Simultaneous
Pole Vault Simultaneous
Shot Put @6:00 pm - Girls then Boys

6:00 PM - Running Events
(JV 1600)

Note: The JV 1600m will be hand-timed and will NOT appear in the online results.

Meet entries must be completed through Milesplit. We are going to leave the window open until Wednesday (1/30) evening at 6:00 pm. Heat sheets will be posted that evening at

Please check your entries carefully. Mistakes will be handled on a case-by-case basis but expect there will be no changes the day of the meet.

Heats will not be reseeded the day of the meet.

Seed Values
Please use seed values from this year if you have them. Otherwise please use a value you are sure the athlete is likely to achieve. Seed values in violation of these guidelines may result in the athlete being entered with "NT" and being placed into the slowest heat. If you have an exceptional athlete entering a non-standard event for them in which you honestly believe they need to be in the hot heat, please contact Charlie Powell at Spire for his consideration.

There will be a flat fee of $150/team/gender due upon arrival at the meet. Checks should be made out to Spire

Note: We will have officials for each event, but to keep costs to a minimum and keep the meet moving along well each team will need to provide one knowledgeable person to assist with a field event. If you are unable to do that, there will be an additional required fee of $50.

Results will be posted at the Milesplit website and at