NEOITC - Buckeye Div. Meet Hosted by MLTC 2015

Geneva, OH

Meet Information

Heat Sheets are at NEOITC Conference

Registration help:

** When one coach has already entered, and it seems as if you cannot enter the opposite gender.
1. Log into the system as you.
2. Go to the meet page and click the green Enter Online button.
3. The page you get says you're already entered, but click on the blue View/Edit entry link. That will take you to the meet entries page.
4. All of the entries you see on the page are girls (or vice versa) entries, so you need to click on the blue Edit Divisions Entered link on the right. Then click on the blue Enter link for the male division(or vice versa). That will open up the male entries. Then you can proceed to enter athletes into the events

Checks payable to Maple Leaf Track Club, LLC. Conference membership fee must by paid by 12/31/14.

Please contact Mark Shafer at with any questions

Meets have an invitational format. We cannot have any unexpected entries. You will be provided with a password to enter the meet.


You can begin warming up on the track at 6:00 pm. Field events and the first running event will begin at 6:30 pm. Events will occur on a rolling schedule in the following order:

JV Mile
60H - no prelims
60 - no prelims

Our goal is to have your on your way home before 9:00 pm.

Note that there will be no race day changes to entries/heats. Entries will close at 5:59 pm on the Wednesday before the meet. Heats will be formed and posted that evening. If there are enough scratches the day of the meet, it will be at the timer's discretion to condense heats and reseed the event, but that would be an unusual occurrence.