Saturday Night Lights/ Centerville Stampede 2016

Centerville, OH
Hosted by Centerville

Meet Information


Race assignments for this week's Saturday Night Lights have now been posted. On the boys side, there have been no changes to the races and teams have been placed in either the Championship, Varsity A, or Varsity B races. In some cases, larger squads were permitted running an additional team in the Varsity A race. This allows for the races to remain balanced. On the girls side, due to team size and overall strength of the field we have decided to make some race changes. There will be a Championship and Varsity A races but the Varsity B race will become a 9th/10th Open race and we will also have the Girls Open race as scheduled. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE OUR TIME SCHEDULE. We simply will insert the Girls 9th/10th Open race in place of the Girls Open on the schedule AND move the Girls Open to the Varsity B race slot and be able to keep everything on schedule.

Additional Announcements:

The number inside the cell next to your school's name is either the number of entered athletes from your team or it is the MAXIMUM number of athletes you are permitted to run in that race. In some cases we tried to keep from teams having one single runner in an Open race by themselves. However, please keep in mind that in the Girls Varsity A and Boys Varsity B we are asking coaches to use their best judgement for placement into races. If your athlete is OVER the 28:00 threshold for girls and 24:00 threshold for boys, please consider having those athletes in the open races where they will have more competition at their level.

If you have race request changes, please send them to either or both David Dobson - or Kevin Walsh - . We will do our best to accommodate any race request changes but we spent many hours carefully placing teams to balance races in terms of numbers and competitiveness.

The race window for the race will OPEN again from 12:00 PM on Monday, September 19th and close officially on Tuesday, September 20th at 9:59 PM. Please help "clean up" your entered rosters by removing athletes that will not be participating. Last year we had over 500 athletes not participate that were entered. We believe we can get that number under 150 this year with your help.