National Trail Raceway

Address: 2650 National Rd. SW, Hebron, OH 43025

Description of course from a coach: The start line is in a big open field next to the parking lot. The starting line will be of the same width as was available at Scioto Downs. The course starts out going out onto grass then slightly down hill and around two large trees. The course then goes into the drag strip area. There are grass areas about 20 feet wide on either side of the drag strip for athletes to run. It will be an awesome experience for the runners as the crowd will be within 30 feet of the athletes. The course then turns around the drag strip and continues down the other side. The course then goes into the east loop starting out with a slight uphill (maybe 10 feet in elevation change) and the course stays in the east loop for about 3/4 of a mile. The turns are smoother then drawn on the map (difficult to draw it on the map). This part of the course is fairly flat with some small little elevation changes (nothing difficult). The course then leaves the east loop, going down a small hill and runners will continue to run next to the drag strip. Runners will then go over a slight hill created to allow runners over the drag strip embankment, and crossing the drag strip (drag strip will be covered to allow runners to cross). Runners will then go up the main hill on the course and enter into the woods. The woods trail is approximately 15 feet wide (with only one spot narrowing to about 11 feet - due to two big trees). The runners will then exit the woods and and go up another longer less steep hill and then runners will go down and run in front of the woods. Runners will then go around the same trees as they did at the beginning of the course and enter into the final 300 meters of the course. The final 300 meters will be directly beside the drag strip, with the finish line located in the grass area in front of the main bleachers. Nice course, it will be more spectator friendly then Scioto Downs. Spectators will be able to see a lot more, especially if you are in the main bleachers or the east side bleachers. I think (as a former athlete) the runners will like this course, due to the different terrain and location of spectators throughout the course.


Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2019-11-02 OHSAA State Championship
2019-08-17 OHSAA Early Season Invitational
2018-11-10 OHSAA State Championship
2018-08-18 OHSAA Early Season Invitational
2017-11-04 OHSAA State Championship
2017-08-19 OHSAA Early Season Invitational
2016-11-05 OHSAA State Championship
2016-08-20 OHSAA Early Season Invitational
2015-11-07 OHSAA State Championship
2015-08-15 OHSAA Early Season Invitational
2014-11-01 OHSAA State Championship
2014-08-16 OHSAA Early Season Invitational
2013-11-02 OHSAA State Championship
2013-08-17 OHSAA Pre-Season HS Invitational
2012-11-03 OHSAA State Championship
2012-08-18 OHSAA Pre-Season HS Invitational
2011-11-05 OHSAA State Championship

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16:00 - 1.00 22:00 - 1.00
17:00 - 1.00 23:00 - 1.00
18:00 - 1.00 24:00 - 1.00
19:00 - 1.00 25:00 - 1.00
20:00 - 1.00 26:00 - 1.00