Week In Review: Championship Weekend

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The following recap is from a Mid-East Cross Country Championship Press Release by Michael Baumer


"What a day!  Great weather for the middle of November in Southwest Ohio.  After the frost disappeared the teams arrived.   The athletes did their "Team photos"  and warm ups and off they went!  In the women's race a tight pack went through the mile in about 5:35-5:40.   past the lake and up the hill.  In the woods, Ohio's Mererdith Wagner (Sylvania Northview) looks to make an move, and did she!  She went in with a modest 5-8 meter lead.   When she came out of the woods, 600 meters later, she had a 30 meter lead and looked strong!  She went through 2 miles in 12:10.  Up the hill the second time she looked strong.  As she crested the hill and started down, she looked a bit distressed. One hundred meters later she stopped,  never to finish the race. I still never was able to find out exactly what happened, but it appeared she was having difficulty breathing.    At that point, Alexis Goldsmith took the lead for a short bit until Ohio's Allison Stillwell took control with 500 meters to go.    
With Team Ohio loosing a top runner the race was a new game!  Illinois women ended up winning the Women's race for the first time in 23 years!  Congratulations goes to Team Illinois women on a job well done!
In the men's race the pack went though the mile in about 4:35.  Sorry but I forgot to glance at my watch at 2 miles.  Looking at the team entries the week before, I thought Team Indiana looked to have the more solid front pack than the other three states.  This observation proved to be the case today.  With five guys in the top ten,  team Indiana went on to win the men's race with 29 points!   This marked the sixth time Indiana men have won their race.  David Osborn from Chesterton, Indiana looked like he could have gone another few miles.  He was running relaxed, confident and strong.  Great job by Indiana!     
The traveling trophy goes to the combined team with the lowest  score!  Team Indiana won that award this year with 83 points."

Mid-East Cross Country Championship

National Elite Performances

5000 Meter Run
18:11.00 - Allison Stillwell (Tri-Valley)(OH #6)
18:38.00 - Katelyn Walker (Shaker Heights)(OH #20)
19:03.00 - Lauren Taylor (Van Wert)
19:10.00 - Erin Garfield (Hoover)
19:23.00 - Sarah Fisher (Loveland)
19:28.00 - Erika Wilson (Eastern)
19:28.00 - Natalie Field (Pleasant)
15:42.00 - Nathan Karr (Pioneer HS)
15:50.00 - Ian Hancke (Haslett HS)
15:51.00 - Kyle Wheeler (Green)
15:55.00 - Conner Paez (Solon)
15:58.00 - Adam Kern (Pioneer HS)
16:03.00 - Dylan Papp (Green)
16:16.00 - Peter Hix (Oakwood)
16:27.00 - Hunter Heaton (Medina)
16:28.00 - Paul Lewis (Albion HS)