Ohio Capital Conference Championship 2013

Multiple Site, OH
Timing/Results Timing First

Meet Information

Cardinal and Capital: Live Results

Central and Ohio: Live Results

Registration help:

Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.

** When one coach has already entered, and it seems as if you cannot enter the opposite gender.
1. Log into the system as you.
2. Go to the meet page and click the green Enter Online button.
3. The page you get says you're already entered, but click on the blue View/Edit entry link. That will take you to the meet entries page.
4. All of the entries you see on the page are girls (or vice versa) entries, so you need to click on the blue Edit Divisions Entered link on the right. Then click on the blue Enter link for the male division(or vice versa). That will open up the male entries. Then you can proceed to enter athletes into the events

Entry Window Opens: April 27 - 8 AM
Entry Window Closes: May 15 - 12 PM

5/16/2013 OCC Cardinal / Capital Prelims Hilliard Bradley
5/16/2013 OCC Central / Ohio Prelims Thomas Worthington
5/18/2013 OCC Cardinal / Capital Finals Hilliard Bradley
5/18/2013 OCC Central / Ohio Finals Thomas Worthington