Meet Information


YSU Series Information

Schedule of Events

11:00am-11:30am Warmup Period Girls Sprints/Hurdles
11:30am- 11:40am Girls 4 x 200meter Relay
11:40am- 11:50am Girls 60m hurdles
11:50am- 12:10pm Girls 60m dash
12:10pm- 12:35pm Girls 400m dash
12:35pm- 1:05pm Girls 200m dash
1:05pm- 1:10pm Girls 4 x 400meter Relay
1:10pm-1:40pm Watts Facility Event Transition & Warmup Period Boys Sprints/Hurdles
1:40pm- 1:50pm Boys 4 x 200meter
1:50pm- 2:00pm Boys 60m hurdles
2:00pm- 2:20pm Boys 60m dash
2:20pm- 2:40pm Boys 400m dash
2:40pm- 3:10pm Boys 200m dash
3:10pm- 3:15pm Boys 4 x 400meter Relay
3:15pm- 3:45pm Watts Facility Event Transition & Warmup Period Girls Distance, Girls Shot Put & Boys Shot Put
3:45pm Girl Shot Put
3:45pm Boys Shot Put
3:45pm- 4:00pm Girls 4 x 800 meter Relay
4:00pm- 4:30pm Girls 1600m run
4:30pm- 4:50pm Girls 800m run
4:50pm- 5:05pm Girls 3200m run
5:05pm- 5:35pm Watts Facility Event Transition & Warmup Period Boys Distance
5:35pm- 5:50pm Boys 4 x 800 meter Relay
5:50pm- 6:20pm Boys 1600m run
6:20pm- 6:40pm Boys 800m run
6:40pm- 6:55pm Boys 3200m run
6:25pm- 6:45pm Watts Facility Event Transition Warmup Period Girls & Boys Field Event sessions will compete together in Weight Throw, Jumps, Pole Vault due to being able to fit all competitors in a 250 person bubble session
Field Events Schedule ( 4 attempts, no finals, open pits for Long Jump & Triple Jump )
6:45pm Boys Weight Throw ( Girls Weight Throw to follow )
6:45pm Girls Long Jump ( Girls Triple Jump to follow )
6:45pm Girls Pole Vault ( Boys Pole Vault to follow )
6:45pm Boys Long Jump ( Boys Triple Jump to follow)
6:45pm Boys High Jump ( Girls High Jump to follow )