Ohio State University Buckeye High School Qualifier #1 2017

Columbus, OH

Meet Information


2017 The Ohio State University High School Meet Information
French Field House, 460 Woody Hayes Dr, Columbus, Ohio 43210 Updated 09/08/2016
Meet Dates: Saturdays - January 14, January 21, February 4, February 11
Meet registration opens 12/14/16 for the 1/16 meet, 12/21 for 1/21/17 and 1/4/17 for February meets.
Registration for each meet ends on the Thursday (1/12, 1/19, 2/2, 2/9) prior to the date of the meet @ 12 PM or when the events are filled, whichever comes first.
Entry Fees
$20 per athlete and $20 per relay team, up to $240 per gender, men & women are separate.
No Unattached athletes may participate in these meets. They are for registered teams only.
You now have the option to pay on-line via credit card and no extra fee charged.
A calculation of your fees will be available for you on Milesplit.
Payment must be made before or the day of the meet. Make checks out to:
Ohio State University Track
Credit Cards on-line; checks the day of the meet preferred to cash, but cash will be accepted.
Team packets MUST be picked-up and paid for in their entirety at the same time. Your athletes will not be allowed to participate until the entire team fee is paid.
NO REFUNDS Fees are calculated at your time of final entry. You are responsible for paying for your no shows or scratches. This is an entry fee. Coaches/athletes are responsible for full payment regardless of the number of events actually competed in.
Teams that are signed up to compete and NO SHOW will have their AD contacted for full payment plus a $100 NO SHOW fee.
Late Fees/Entries - NO LATE ENTRIES, DAY OF MEET FILL-INS, OR LATE ENTRY FEES(you will be scratched)!
Submit Entries and Pay Your Registration Fees, online at http://oh.milesplit.com . If you are from out of state, please use your states Milesplit page IE http://pa.milesplit.com .
Create your account on http://oh.milesplit.com . Once on that page and signed in, look for CALENDAR and find the meet date you want. Detailed instructions are on pages 4 and 5 of this document for the Milesplit entry system.
Deadline: 12 PM on the Thursday before the meet.
Do not e-mail, call or FAX entries to OSU.
Maximum of 3 (three) entrants per event and 2 (two) relays per event per school.
The weight throw will only be contested on January 14.
There are limited fields for all events. 45 entries High Jump; 64 entries LJ, TJ, SP and 800m; 88 entries for 60m, 60HH; 72 entries for all other running events; 54 teams per relay event; 32 entries per pole vault event; and 32 per weight throw event.
No Day of Meet registration will take place - No Exceptions!
A performance list confirming all entries will be available on the OSU athletic web page http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/ on the Friday prior to each contest by 5 p.m.
No replacing athletes in events. No changes the day of the meet!
Athletic Training
A Trainer and Student -Trainers will be on hand to handle first aid and emergency situations during the competition. Taping can be done in our training room by your athletic trainers and you will need to supply the taping materials. There will be no access to advanced equipment (ultra-sound, stimulation, etc.). Ice and heat packs will be available.
200 meter track Beynon track surface 6 lanes with an 8 lane straight.
We have 10 sets of UCS blocks. You may not bring your own blocks.
2 Horizontal jump runways and pole vault runway are the same surface as the track.
High jump area is off the turf.
Throwing events will be from a wooden surface.
Spike Rule
Spikes longer then 1/4" pyramids are not permitted.
The clerks will be checking spike length just before the races and at check-in. If your athlete is in violation of this rule, he/she will not be allowed to participate.
Team Entry/Implements/
Teams enter through the doors on the Lane Avenue side, Northwest corner of French FH.
Implements - checked in at the implement weigh-in table at least 45 minutes prior to the event. OSU IS NOT PROVIDING ANY IMPLEMENTS.
Athletes must be checked-in for all running events by the time the previous event starts (IE once Running event 5 starts, Running event 6 must be checked in, etc). Running event 1 must be checked in 30 minutes before it is scheduled to go off. Check in is at the table off the track behind the 60 meter start area. Athletes will line up for all events on the track area behind the 60 meter start line. Only non-lane races receive hip numbers. Wear numbers on your left hip.
Failure to declare will result in the athlete being scratched from the event.
Field event athletes will check-in at their respective venues.
Finishtiming.com uses Finishlynx - Coaches & Athletes MUST stay away from the timing/results/camera areas.
Hy-Tek will be used and results posted on the southwest doors.
Results will be updated/posted on finishtiming.com live during the after each event is finished.
Full results will be available after the meet at finishtiming.com.
TBA Please see the last page PARKING for this information
& Infield Restrictions
$5 per person and fan entry will only be the main entrance in the Southeast corner (glass doors), Woody Hayes Drive side.
Non-Competitors & fans must remain in the stands. Non-competing athletes stay in team camps.
Coaches will be provided infield passes based upon filed event participants only.
NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (i.e. cell phones, ipods, headphones, etc) - in the infield, throwing areas, jump areas, track, etc. Coaches may film athletes as per NFHS rules but do not interfere with the events.
Food and drink concessions will be available.
Please note: Any food that your team brings into the facility will not be allowed in the track area, only at your team camp.
Team Camps and Fans
Please set up team camps near the west end throwing venue. No camps in the infield.
Athletes and coaches are responsible for recovering their camp areas (i.e. garbage, implements, uniforms, etc).
Please clean your team camps up before you leave.
Non-Competitors and fans must remain in the stands. Extra traffic becomes a distraction and creates an unsafe environment for competitors and meet management.
All must refrain from throwing ANY objects in the team camp area or in the track area.
If you cannot adhere to these rules, your team will be asked to leave and you will not be allowed to attend future meets!
Please pay attention to the signage in the facility!
No food or drinks will be allowed inside the track area. (Only water permitted inside the track.)
Food and drinks will be permitted in the camps near the throwing area.
Unsportsmanlike behavior or failure to follow procedures by coaches or athletes will result in denial of future entries at OSU meets and you and your team will be removed from the meet.
Contact Nicolas Graves: graves.237@osu.edu or 614-688-2854 (C)
1. All athletes in running events or relay teams MUST check in at the Clerks table to receive a hip number.
2. The Clerks table is located behind the 60 meter start line.
3. Performance lists in your packets will have check-in times for unseeded events.
3. Events will be conducted as heats against time. Please be honest with your times!
5. Results will be posted at the conclusion of each event.
7. Implement weigh-in south wall near the weight throw area.
8. OHSAA/NFHS rules will be used to govern all competition.
9. Uniform rule will be enforced.
Field events will not be held up for an athlete to compete in another event
General Warm-up 30 minutes prior to the event. Between flights will be a 10 minute warm-up period.
Pole Vault (Girls, then Boys)
Shot Put (Boys, then Girls) Four throws on 1/21, 2/4 & 2/11 only please read note below about 1/14*
Weight Throw (Boys First) Four Throws January 14 only
Long Jump (Girls and Boys, 2 pits), Four jumps
High Jump (Boys first)
Triple Jumps - follows finals of Long Jump, Four jumps
*On January 16, we will have the weight throw and shot put events. Boys will throw the weight first at 9:00 AM. Once this event is finished, they will throw the shot put on the infield. Girls will throw the weight after the boys and then the shot put.
Running events will be on a rolling time schedule
60m hurdles prelim (fastest 16 times to 2 section final), Girls, then Boys
60m dash prelim (fastest 16 times to 2 section final), Girls, then Boys
4 x 200m final, Girls, then Boys
4 x 800m final (2 sections if needed), Girls, then Boys
60m hurdles final, Boys, then Girls
60m dash final, Boys, then Girls
1600m run final, Boys, then Girls
400m dash final, Boys, then Girls
800m run final, Boys, then Girls
200m dash final, Boys, then Girls
3200m run final, Boys, then Girls
4 x 400m final, Boys, then Girls
Announcements will be made throughout the meet in regards to checking in. Once the previous event has started, check in for the next event closes. If you do not check in, you are scratched and the remaining athletes will be seeded. Once seeded, an announcement will be made for athletes to line up behind the 60 meter start and receive their lane assignments for the next event.
Spikes longer then 1/4" pyramids are not permitted.
The clerks will be checking spike length just before the races and at check-in. If your athlete is in violation of this rule, he/she will not be allowed to participate.
Athletes will check-in for all running events behind the 60 meter start area and will then be taken to the start line for each event.
Field event athletes will check-in at their respective venues.
Implements - checked in at the implement weigh-in table at least 45 minutes prior to the event.
Infield Rules for French Field House
Only participating athletes, coaches with an infield pass and meet officials will be permitted in the infield area.
For the protection and safety of all participants, officials and spectators, all coaches, parents and non-competing athletes will be prohibited from entering the infield area of French Field House during all high school indoor meets. A coach may only be in the infield if they have an athlete competing in a field event. Once your athletes are done with their field events, coaches must exit the infield. No standing/sitting/filming on the main straight by coaches or athletes.
Prohibited on the infield:
1. Hurdle warm-ups 2. Lawn chairs 3. Coolers 4. Snacks and beverages
All filming and photo opportunities by spectators must be taken from the bleachers designated for spectators. Only coaches with a coaching pass may film field events from the infield and from inside the coaching boxes only.
Coaching boxes will be established by meet management for the long and triple jumps, high jump and pole vault events. Only adult coaches of these events will be allowed in the coaching boxes. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the removal of your team from the facility.
Ohio State track officials and event staff will be monitoring the compliance of these infield rules throughout the entire meet.
Coaches, please assist us in the enforcement of these policies by notifying all athletes and parents in advance of attending meets in French Field House.
Instructions to enter a meet using MileSplit's Online Meet Registration System
Step 1: Go to your home MileSplit address is state abbreviation.milesplit.com ex: http://oh.milesplit.com .
If you already have a userID and password from your MileSplit state, skip to Step 3. If you do not, then you must first do Step 2.
Step 2: In the header on the right, it will say "you are not logged in." Beside that, click the "Register" button, and fill out the information. You can select your own ID, but you will be emailed a password (which you can change later).
Step 3: Please note you may be on the national portal - www.milesplit.com. There are no teams on the national portal, so if you do not see Teams on the nav bar - you will need to switch to your home state to find your team. Either change the www to your 2 digit state abbreviation, or click on the navy bar over MileSplit - the Premier HS TF/XC Network to go to the about us page which has the list of states links toward the bottom of the page. Once you are on your individual state page, you will see a nav bar that includes Teams. Click on Teams in the toolbar and locate your team.
Step 4: Click on your team name and once on that page, look beneath the team title and then click the link that says "Claim this Team."
Step 5: Click either Coach or Team Administrator, but not both. Each has the same access to your team roster and online meet registration.
Step 6: Click on the "Yes, I am a coach on this team" at the bottom of that page. You may add your team position in the text box, and any other information you believe we will need to quickly verify you are a coach. A school email address is also a very good indicator we use.
Step 7: Wait for a confirmation email from MileSplit saying that you are approved to be a Team Coach or Team Admin. Most requests are approved within several hours. If you have not received the email within 12 hours, please check your junk or spam folders for the email.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact, MileSplit Online Registration support, gayle.rich@flocasts.com .
Click on Login. On that page is a link if you have forgotten your password. Click and fill out your username, or email address. If you do not quickly receive it, you may have a typo in the email address you originally entered, or it may be going to your spam mail folder. It is a server generated email and many mailservers read that as spam. If you do not get it, email Gayle Rich at grich@milesplit.us.
When you receive it, click on the link and it will allow you to reset your password. Then login.
Step 1: Make sure you are logged in. Go to your team page by clicking the "Teams" link in the tool bar. (If you do not see the teams link, you are not on a state site. Go back to Claim your team step 1 at top of page and read and follow those directions.) Scroll down and click on your school name. Once on your team page, you will see a link directly under the team title that now says "Team Manager." Click it.
Club - you will not have a team manager link, just click roster - refer to more specific club instructions below individuals at bottom of this page.
Step 2: On the left side of the page, click "Roster."
Step 3: Now you will see a screen with both boy and girl athletes associated with your team. Look through the list --- you may find many athletes that should only be on the (Indoor/Outdoor) Track Roster or only on the Cross Country Roster. If the athlete has already graduated and there is a graduation year, they will not appear on the live roster or in online registration. If a grad does not have the year (indicated from the 0 beside their name), click their name and add it from the drop-down box within edit athlete.
If you see misspellings, click the name and make the correction.
If you see duplicate athletes, please copy the names and email to your state webmaster (email at bottom of each page) or drich@milesplit.us. We merge them, and by doing this, it ensures that all performances on either profile will not be lost.
If a current athlete does not have a grad year, please add it. (please note, we do not add college grad years). All grad years are HS.
The XC and TF designate the rosters that the athlete will appear on during online registration. Please take a few moments to either "Remove from XC", or "Remove from TF", so that you will have fewer names when doing online registration. If an athlete is on both XC and TF rosters, you don't need to change a thing. You can always add an athlete back on a roster by checking the name and "Add to XC".
And if you need to add new athletes, simple click "Add Athlete" and fill out as much info as you know, but the first name, last name and HS grad year are most important.
Step 4: You are now ready to enter a meet using the MileSplit Online Registration system.
Step 1: Make sure you are logged in. You should have already claimed your team and edited your roster. If not, go back to the beginning before doing this step.
Step 2: Go to your state's page and click in the tool bar on "Calendar." Select the current season, and look for the meet you wish to enter. If the meet is open, you will see a green "Online Entry" box. Click it. Then on the meet page, click the green "Enter Online Now" bar below the meet title, date and location. (If the bar is yellow, the meet is not yet open. If it is red, the meet is closed, you may click on it to view your entries, print your confirmation, etc., but you cannot make changes at this time.)
Step 3: You will see a screen that says Online Registration, with details on the meet. Click "Enter Team."
Note: If it is a password-protected meet, you will have to get that information from the meet director. MileSplit personnel are not authorized to release that information to coaches.
Step 4: Fill out the information on the next page, which is the team entry form. Your team name should be selected at the top, but if it is not, click the appropriate radio button. Your name and your email address should already be in the boxes. Enter your daytime number and an evening number. These can be the same, but both are mandatory.
If you have another coach you'd like to have access, select Additional Contact, and fill out their information as well.
Then select the Divisions you are entering, and click "Enter Team."
Step 5: You will now see the list of events for all your divisions on the left hand side. Click the first event in which you have athletes to enter. Your Athlete Pool will be displayed on the left hand side. Click all the athletes you are entering in that specific event. When each one is selected, they move to the "Currently Entered" column.
If you forgot to add an athlete to the roster, you can take a moment before leaving any of the event entry pages to click "Go to Team Page to Edit Roster." This is at the bottom of the page. It will open a new window to your team roster page where you can add an athlete. Then return to the online registration window and continue entering athletes.
When all athletes are entered in an event, click "Done Editing." You will be returned to the Event Entries page, where you can continue to enter athletes by event. When you have entered all of your athletes, at the top of the events list is a yellow box with a Print Confirmation link. Click and print confirmation of your entries.
Step 6: If you need to edit your entries again before the meet closes, you will go back to the meet page and again click the green "Online Entry" box. It will say "Already Entered." Simply click "View/Edit Entry" and you will be in the event section.
** When one coach has already entered, and it seems as if you cannot enter the opposite gender.
1. Log into the system as you.
2. Go to the meet page and click the green Enter Online button.
3. The page you get says you're already entered, but click on the blue View/Edit entry link. That will take you to the meet entries page.
4. All of the entries you see on the page are girls (or vice versa) entries, so you need to click on the blue Edit Divisions Entered link on the right. Then click on the blue Enter link for the male division(or vice versa). That will open up the male entries. Then you can proceed to enter athletes into the events.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact your state webmaster or MileSplit Online Registration support, Gayle Rich at gayle.rich@flocasts.com .
Club Instructions:
You will be able to edit info on the club and add athletes to your roster. As many HS athletes run on both a HS team and Club team, our system makes club coaches search for an athlete in our database prior to adding one. It is likely that they may already be listed from a high school performance and would have to be "borrowed" from their HS team. If not, then you can add the athlete
Once you've edited your roster, then you'll be set to go into the meet registration and enter your athletes into the meet.
Please note - on the team instructions (for schools) it says to look for the team manager link - for clubs there is not a link. If you are an approved coach/admin for your club team, when you go to the club page, you will be able to immediately click on the links and search/add athletes.
French Field House
460 Woody Hayes Dr, Columbus, OH 43210
Due to new parking regulations set forth by The Ohio State University along with multiple events being contested each weekend in our athletic facilities, the following guidelines will be used for all high school meets.
Note: Please be advised that the parking plan is altered for the meet on Saturday, February 6, 2016. The MAP (either attached to the email or as a separate document on-line) gives all the info.
School Buses and School Vans Parking
All school buses and school vans will park in the North French Field House lot, with entry from Lane Avenue, on a first-come-first-serve basis at no charge.
o All vehicles need to park in designated spaces between the lines so as to best use the limited space with buses using two east/west spaces.
o If this lot is filled, overflow parking is located in the Northwest Stadium lot, located off of Cannon Drive, where vehicles must use Pay N Display for each spot used (i.e. a bus taking up two spots would need to pay for two spots). Purchase parking in A, B or C spaces via the Pay N Display machine.
First, park in the space and then pay for parking using coins or a credit card.
Please note that bills are not accepted in these machines.
Place the ticket in your vehicles window, facing outward, and keep the bottom portion as your receipt.
Vehicles not using the Pay N Display system will be ticketed.
Spectator Parking
Spectators will park in the North French Field House/St. John Arena lots, with entry from Lane Avenue, and the South French Field House lot, with entry from Woody Hayes Drive, on a first-come-first-serve basis at no charge.
o If these lots are filled, overflow parking is located in the Northwest Stadium lot, located off of Cannon Drive, where vehicles must use Pay N Display for each spot used. Purchase parking in A, B or C spaces via the Pay N Display machine.
First, park in the space and then pay for parking using coins or a credit card.
Please note that bills are not accepted in these machines.
Place the ticket in your vehicles window, facing outward, and keep the bottom portion as your receipt.
Vehicles not using the Pay N Display system will be ticketed.