5 Events to Watch: Boys Relays

1. Boys Division 1 4x800m Relay

Finals: 5:00pm Friday

This won't be like Pennsylvania's 4x800m extravaganza at their state meet, but this could be a very memorable one for Ohio.  Five teams have already gone sub 7:50, and another handful are ready to break through that barrier.  Could this be the year that we see all 16 teams break the 8 minute barrier?

2. Boys Division 3 4x200m Relay

Prelims: 10:40am Friday
Finals: 9:55am Saturday

This is going to be one close relay.  Eleven teams advanced from their regional meets within 1.09 seconds of each other.  It may take a 1:30 effort just to make it to the finals on Saturday.  This race is just way to close to call for anyone.

3. Boys Division 2 4x200m Relay

Prelims: 2:40pm Friday
Finals: 1:25pm Saturday

Just like the Division 3 4x200, except for a little bit faster.  Eight teams advanced from their regional within 1.16 seconds of each other.  It very well could take a 1:29 effort just to make the big show on Saturday.  Another race that is too close to call.

4. Boys Division 1 4x400m Relay

Prelims: 7:25pm Friday
Finals: 6:40pm Saturday

This could be the most exciting relay if it comes down to deciding the team championship, and it very well could.  Based SOLELY on Regional Final marks, three of the top four projected team scores have a team in the 4x400m relay.   If things fall just right we could see battle for team trophy in the final event of the meet.  Two teams, Northmont and Trotwood, have gone into the 3:17s and the rest of the field have all run under 3:23 this season.  It very well could take a sub 3:20 effort on Friday to make it Saturday's race.

5. Boys Division 1 4x100m Relay

Prelims: 6:10pm Friday
Finals: 5:20pm Saturday

Just like any 4x100m Relay it will come down to who gets the stick around clean.  15 of the 16 teams have season bests in the 42 second range, it could take a 42.4 just to make the finals on Saturday .  Will we get to see the first 41 second effort of the season in Columbus?

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